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Statement by
Baghdad City Advisory Council Chairman
Adnan Abdul Sahib Hassan


Coalition authorities have informed the Baghdad City Council that the curfew in Baghdad will be lifted beginning at 4:00 AM on 26 October.


The curfew can be lifted due to the reduction in the crime rate in the city and the overall improvement in the security situation, as noted recently by the Ministry of Interior.  Despite some highly publicized attacks by terrorists and supporters of the former regime, the overall security situation in Baghdad has improved.


Lifting the curfew is a great step forward for the people of Baghdad during the blessed month of Ramadan.  It reflects the ability and willingness of all the good people of Baghdad to watch out for each other and protect the community from those who wish to bring harm to the city. 


All residents are reminded to remain vigilant and to report any suspected criminal or terrorist activity to the Iraqi Police or Coalition authorities.  We all hope that the situation here in Baghdad will continue to improve and that it will not require a curfew again.






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