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I am a U.S. citizen of Iraqi origin.  I was a college professor and Dean of a college for many years in both Baghdad, and Basrah, Iraq.  I would like to express our thanks and gratitude to the Coalition Forces for liberating Iraq.  We appreciate the wonderful work the Coalition Provisional Authority is doing.  We do understand it is not an easy task to rebuild Iraq, yet we are certain of the outcome.  The following is  one of my many poems that I wrote following the liberation of Baghdad:




Come fill the cup and drink the beer,

Baghdad is free, have no more fear.

The Ba'ath rule has been abolished,

And Saddam's statues, all demolished

Come celebrate, and give tribute,

To President Bush, whom we salute.

Come in unity and pray together,

Iraq Independent, and Free Forever.


Thank you,


Sami George Banarji

San Diego, California


P.S. For more poems

Banarji, Sami George


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