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Dear Sirs,


I wish to thank President George W. Bush and Prime Minister Tony Blair for carrying out the most honourable action by liberating Iraq. They should enter history as heroes of the free world. They are two brave men who saved millions of Iraqi people from a dark future and special thanks for saving the Kurdish people from genocide.


The world should realise that Saddam himself is the WMD, he is the most evil killing machine the world has ever known recently.  I thank the US and British armies for their magnificent work and may The Lord bless all those brave soldiers that gave their lives for making this world a safer place and to protect the world from Saddam & his Baath thugs.  I wish the US & UK armies stay in Iraq forever, because they will protect the Iraqi people from Baath criminals.


The Iraqi people should build monuments to thank America & Britain in aknowledgement for liberating Iraq. If it was not for US & UK, Iraq will be still under criminal regime.


I wish Mr. Paul Bremer & CPA all the best for he is doing a wonderful job in rebuilding Iraq. Any country that does not support Mr Bremer CPA in Iraq should review their stance and give full support to Mr Bremer for the sake of humanity and fight against terrorism.


I strongly believe that Iraq with the guidance of US & Britain will be the new heaven in the Middle East.  Thank you President Bush & Mr. Blair for the most wonderful job and victory since the Allies got rid of Hitler.


God Bless America,

God bless Britain,

God bless President George W. Bush

God bless Mr. Tony Blair

And to the families of all UK & UK brave soldiers, may the lord protect you and bless you always.



Jim Baban

Oil & Gas Consultant

British Citizen - UK


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