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Second Annual Competition 

Opportunities for Iraqis to Study and Teach in the United States


What?  Fulbright Scholarships will enable Iraqis to pursue study or teaching in the United States, build leadership skills, and exchange cultural understandings with Americans 



Scholarships are open to Iraqi citizens living in Iraq who:

            ▪ hold a minimum of a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree;

            ▪ are proficient in English;

▪ are able to function easily in academic and social settings; and

▪ want to pursue graduate study at the master’s degree level, generally in humanities or social sciences.*  This program is not meant for those interested in working on a PhD.             

* The Fulbright Program promotes the exchange of  ideas and the development of leaders who can contribute to a dialogue between countries and cultures.  The study and teaching of humanities and social sciences supports this objective.  The field of humanities and social sciences includes such subjects as: anthropology, arts, archaeology/cultural preservation/museum studies, business administration, drama, economics, education, English as a foreign language, environmental sciences, international relations, journalism, law, public health, public administration, political science, sociology, psychology, philosophy, religious studies, U.S. history/literature. Other related fields will also be considered. 


Other possible fields outside of the humanities and social sciences which might be considered include:  1) agriculture; 2) information technology; 3) engineering.  But candidates must make a case for how study in the US as a Fulbright Scholar would support the improvement of society, social institutions and intellectual pursuits upon return to Iraq.

 A handful of additional scholarship opportunities may also become available for:

            ▪ junior faculty in the humanities or social sciences who have strong leadership skills and are committed to educational reform; and

            ▪ Iraqi university students planning to become English teachers, or Iraqis who are currently teachers of English early in their careers.  Recipients would become teaching assistants (TAs) in Arabic language classes in the US while taking courses in teaching methodology. 

Individuals who do not meet the above criteria should refer to the handout “RESOURCES FOR STUDY ABROAD - In the U.S. and the U.K.” 

When? The deadline for submitting applications is September 14, 2004.  Scholarships will be awarded for study in the United States beginning in September 2005.  (See attached calendar.)  

How?   You can now access the Fulbright application at:  

You may submit your application via email to , or send a paper copy to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. 

In addition to information about yourself, the application will ask you to describe or cite your: 

▪ proposed field of study             ▪ future plans                                         ▪ educational background  

▪ scholarships/honors/societies    ▪ teaching experience/research               ▪ work experience

▪ language skills                         ▪ English proficiency**                           ▪ study/research objective

 **  NOTE:  You will not be required to submit a Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) exam score when you apply.  A test score will only be required for applicants who are finalists.

 You will also need to provide:

▪ a personal statement                ▪ 3 letters of reference (from teachers/supervisors)

▪ a copy of your academic record/certificate 

Where As a Fulbright Scholarship recipient, you will study at a university in the United States for up to two years.  You may name universities at which you would like to study.  These placement options will be explored, but unfortunately cannot be assured.

 CALENDAR – Fulbright Student Competition for 2005-06:

 > May 2004                              Second Fulbright competition opens

> June 1, 2004                           2005-06 application available online

> September 14, 2004                Application submission deadline

> September – October 2004     Interviews, TOEFL, review panel/Bi-National Committee

> November 2004                      Fulbright Board of Foreign Scholarship review; placement process starts

> February 2005                        Scholarship notifications begin

> July – August, 2005                Arrive in the United States to begin study program 

BENEFITS – The scholarship covers:  1) tuition at the U.S. university; 2) a living and book/supply stipend; 3) round trip international airfare to the US; 4) insurance for the duration of the study program. 

Fulbright students may also be invited to attend special seminars and presentations during their time in the U.S. 

The scholarship is provided for the student/junior faculty/teacher only; family members cannot be supported by the grant.  


TOEFL testing – You do not need to submit a TOEFL test score with your application; the test will be required only of those recommended as finalists in the review process.  However, any score that has been obtained within one year may be submitted at the time of application.  If you wish to take the test prior to submitting your Fulbright application, you may be able to do so as follows: 


Bldg #5, Street 240/4/15

Former WFP Office

Ainkawa, Erbil, Iraq


Telephone: (local Arbil number) 225-0054; (Thuraya) dial +44-707-752-28-36, then listen for recorded voice then dial 9, then wait for dial tone, then dial 225-0054. 

Email:  Contact: Amiral Ibrahim. 

Tests are given every Wednesday; to register please notify 48 hours in advance.  

Amideast/Iraq conducted a TOEFL test in Baghdad on June 4th at the University of Technology. The cost was $35 per person. More tests may be administered in Baghdad or in other locations in Iraq.  For information about future testing, contact Amideast above.  

The Fulbright Program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs ( and administered by the Institute of International Education (  


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