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List of Arabic Book Translation Program titles in the warehouse.

1) Constitution and Democracy

2) Total Quality Management

3) State of the World 1999

4) State of the World 1998

5) State of the World 1995

6) State of the World 1994

7) The Myth of the Presidency

8) State of the World 1997

9) Religion and Culture in the US

10) The Role of the citizen in Democracy

11) Changing Course

12) Inner Ocean

13) Leaders on Leadership

14) Markets or Governments

15) Taking Off

16) Public Administration and Social Change

17) Citizen Politics in Western Democracies

18) Islam, Gender and Social Change

19) The New World Order

20) Comparative Public Policy

21) Success On Their Own Terms

22) Journalists Guide to Public Opinion

23) Government, Ethics & Mangers

24) Out of the Past

25) Administration of Time



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