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Basic Elements of Democracy


·         Popular sovereignty

o       A people…”social contract” agreement among elements of a society to form a single self-governing country

o       Self-governing country

o       Citizens/citizenship

§         Rights and responsibilities

§         Roles of

§         Participation of

·         Elections and voting – free, periodic

o        Majority/supermajority rule

o        Minority rights

·         Representation

o        Legislatures

o        Forms of representation

o        Equality



  • Individual rights/human rights
    • Personal
    • Economic
    • Political


  • Civil society
  • Market economy (creates and disperses power outside of government and checks powers)


Constitutions and Constitutionalism

  • Constitution – alternative definitions of
  • Constitutional government/constitutionalism

·         Empower and limit government

·         Allocate powers

·         Establish governmental institutions

·         Establish fundamental rights of citizens

·         Rule of law

o        Independent judiciary



Government and purposes of government

  • Authority, power, legitimacy
  • Purposes of government

Political culture




Free society



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