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13 October 2003

 Statement by Ambassador Bremer on Today's Bombing


     I want to express the condolences of the men and women of the Coalition to all those killed and injured by these terrorists. The terrorists know that the Iraqi people and the Coalition are succeeding in the reconstruction of Iraq. They do not share the vision of hope for this new Iraq. They will do anything, including taking the lives of innocent Iraqis, to draw attention away from the extraordinary progress made since Liberation.
     The terrorists will not succeed. Neither the Coalition nor the Iraqi people will be intimidated from our path to a democratic Iraq. We will work with the Iraqi police to find those responsible and bring them to justice. With the Iraqi people, we will continue to build a new Iraq, an Iraq which will replace terrorism with hope.


L. Paul Bremer
Address to the Iraqi People
For Broadcast at 1730 Friday 10 October 2003

Six months have now passed since the liberation of Baghdad.  History will show that the toppling of Saddam’s Baathist regime was a great day for you, the people of Iraq.   Now, six months later, I am sure you know things are significantly better and improving all the time. 

  • Electrical production is at pre-war levels.
  • More and more Iraqis are taking on essential security tasks, protecting your lives and property.
  • The Governing Council and the ministers they appointed are representing you around the globe—in the United Nations General Assembly, in the Arab League, at the Islamic Conference Summit.
  • Your Foreign Minister announced on Thursday that Iraq will open embassies in 30 different countries.  More>>

 L. Paul Bremer

Coalition Provisional Authority Administrator

9 October Press Conference Opening Remarks


Six months ago today Coalition Forces liberated Baghdad.  I am sure that many of you were as thrilled as I was to see Saddam’s statue and his regime fall.


Most, but not all, of what has happened since then is good.


The Coalition has completed over 13,000 reconstruction projects, large and small, as part of our strategic plan for the reconstruction of Iraq.  That plan

has four elements:

  • Create a Secure Environment.
  • Begin Restoration of Essential Services.
  • Begin to Transform the Economy.
  • Begin the Transformation to Democracy.  More>>

Secretary Powell:  Kay Report Proves Iraq Violated U.N. 1441

The interim findings of David Kay and the Iraq Survey Group make two things abundantly clear: Saddam Hussein's Iraq was in material breach of its United Nations obligations before the Security Council passed Resolution 1441 last November, and Iraq went further into breach after the resolution was passed.

Kay's interim findings offer detailed evidence of Hussein's efforts to defy the international community to the last. The report describes a host of activities related to weapons of mass destruction that "should have been declared to the U.N." It reaffirms that Iraq's forbidden programs spanned more than two decades, involving thousands of people and billions of dollars.

What the world knew last November about Iraq's weapons of mass destruction programs was enough to justify the threat of serious consequences under Resolution 1441. What we now know as a result of David Kay's efforts confirms that Hussein had every intention of continuing his work on banned weapons despite the U.N. inspectors, and that we and our coalition partners were right to eliminate the danger that his regime posed to the world More>>


Currently everyone in Iraq carries a reminder of Saddam in their pockets – on the banknotes they’re using.  Shortly after October 15th the first batch of Saddam notes will go to the incinerator.  At close of business January 15th 2004 Saddam notes will no longer be legal tender. 

Starting on October 15th 2003 a new national currency known as the 'new Iraqi dinar' will begin to replace the existing currency, the 'old dinar', and the currency used in the North of Iraq, the 'swiss dinar'  The new Iraqi dinar will create a single unified currency that is used throughout all of Iraq and will also make money more convenient to use in people's everyday lives.

The currency exchange will last from October 15th 2003 to January 15th 2004.  Currency can be exchanged at any time during this three month period.  Locations where money can be exchanged will include banks and other official locations, for example post offices, throughout Iraq.   No fees will be charged for exchanging currency.  

Images of the new currency   Images of the old Swiss Dinar

Coalition Scales Curfew Hours Back


BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Recent improvements in security and the reduction of crime in the city of Baghdad have prompted military officials to scale back the curfew in effect throughout the city since the fall of the prior regime.

The Coalition is changing the curfew hours from 11 p.m. to 4 a.m. to midnight to 4 a.m.

The scale back of curfew hours is another sign that conditions in Iraq continue to improve.

Continued improvements in security and associated reductions in crime may result in a further reduction of the curfew hours. 


Arabic Version of Reward Sticker


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