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Survivor Benefits include any one or combination of a Death Gratuity, a Death Benefit or a Civil Service Pension Plan payable to a qualified Immediate Family Member.

Death Gratuity is defined as the equivalent of six monthsí salary as based on the deceased memberís last full monthly salary, and payable in a single lump sum payment immediately after the deceased memberís death is ruled to be in the Line-of-Duty.

Death Benefit is defined as the equivalent of 80% of the deceased memberís last full monthly salary.

Civil Service Pension Plan is defined as the regular pension system administered by the Ministry of Finance.

Line-of-Duty Death is defined as the death of an Iraqi civil service Security Sector Member, who died as the direct and proximate result of a personal injury sustained in the line of duty.  The member must have died either as a result of an action or accident while on duty and faithfully executing his or her responsibilities or the member died as a result of his or her official position while off duty.

Security Sector Member is defined as any Iraqi civil service employee in the service of the Iraqi Civil Defense Corps (ICDC), Iraqi National Army, Iraqi Police Service, Iraqi Department of Border Enforcement, Iraqi Facilities Protection Service, Iraqi Civil Defense (Fire and Emergency Services) or Iraqi Bureau of Prisons.  The Member must be directly employed as a uniformed military, law enforcement, customs, firefighter, facilities protection, or corrections official who, at the time of death, is being paid on the Security Sector Salary Scale.   A Member also includes those persons of armed security or investigative services that do not wear uniforms because of the nature of their duty.

Immediate Family Member is defined as a spouse, an unmarried child under 18 years of age, a disabled child, or a dependant parent of a security sector member. 

Dependant Parent  is defined as the mother or father of the deceased Member and must have received  80% of their financial support from the deceased member prior to that memberís death to qualify.

Disabled Child is defined as a child of a security sector Member who suffers from a physical, medical, emotional or psychological condition which prevents the child from being financially and socially independent at 18 years of age.

Priority of survivors is defined by the following order unless it is changed by filing a form with Ministry of Finance:  (1) surviving spouse, provided such person was married to the Member; (2) unmarried Child(ren) under the age of 18, or between the ages of 18 and 22 if attending school on a full-time basis, or Child(ren) over the age of 18 but permanently disabled before age 18; (3) Dependent Parent 80% of his or her support from the Member at the time of his or her death.  If the primary survivor ceases to be eligible for a survivorís benefit, that benefit becomes payable to the next eligible survivor.



1.  In the event of a Line-of-Duty Death of a Member of the Security Sector, an eligible Immediate Family member shall receive a Death Gratuity equal to six monthsí salary of the deceased memberís last monthly salary.

2.  The eligible Immediate Family member is also entitled to receive each month a death benefit equal to 80% of the deceased membersí last monthly salary.  Payment will begin on the first regular pay day after the death of the member.

3.  The Death Benefit shall continue until the date upon which the deceased member would have become eligible for retirement at 30 years of service.  The death benefit will then stop and survivorís benefits will be transferred to the Civil Service Pension Plan.

4. The survivorís benefits will continue until the death of the surviving Spouse.  They will continue after remarriage of the surviving Spouse only if there remains a qualifying Child, Disabled Child, or Dependant Parent.

5.  Survivor benefits will be paid from the ministry to which the Security Sector member was assigned at the time of his or her death. The survivorsí Death Benefit will be included as a separate attachment to the regular monthly payroll.



In the event that the death of a security sector member is not clearly identified as being in the line-of-duty, a line-of-duty investigation is required.  The investigation will be conducted by the deceased memberís Commander or Department Chief or his designee and reviewed by each successive level of administration.  The final approval authority for all survivorsí benefits (where a line-of-duty investigation is required) is the national ministry level department or bureau responsible for the memberís finance and administration. Appeals to line of duty investigations will be directed to the Ministry of Finance Legal Department.


This policy also applies to civilian civil service employees that are employed by a Security Sector organization that die as a result of a criminal or hostile action directed at that organization. This special provision does not apply to those civilians who die as a result of accident or previous medical condition.  A line-of-duty investigation is required before any payments to people in this category will be made.



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