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To: All Ministries and directorates not connected to a ministry

Subj.: Instructions of preparing the budget for year 2004


Ministry of Finance would like to refer to the preparation for budget estimations of 2004 (Current & Investment), and the ministries have to present the estimation of their budgets according to the budget forms which are already used in recent years according and also to the estimation bases of the past years.

Priorities should be given to security, services and a good standard of living. Infrastructures and reconstruction should also receive priority in order to enable all economic projects to operate again as soon as possible.

The 2004 budget necessitates that vital needs of people should be studied objectively to provide allocations for them, taking into consideration the limited revenues we can raise during the next year. This means that all official ministries and directorates should start collecting fees from people in exchange for the services these directorate offers.

The Ministry of Finance asks all ministries to adhere to the attached time table and submit their budget to this ministry before 8/15/2004. Discussions with a various line ministries are to be carried from 8/15 to 9/5, the following procedures should be taking into consideration during budget preparation:


1-    Budgets of centrally financed directorates:

a)     Each ministry should have a high committee at ministry HQ or the directorate not connected to a ministry HQs to carry out discussions concerning the budget operational and investment according to budget forms and regulations. A total budget according to the ministries (Part) is required.

b)    Each directorate within the line ministries and every department within directorates not connected to a ministry should have sub-committees to discuss their budgets.

c)     This ministry will discuss the total budget of every ministry, so all members of these committees and sub-committees should be well informed about the details of their budget to ensure accuracy and speed.


2-    Budget of self financed directorates:

a)     The followings should be taken into consideration:

First    : Production should be increased according to qty. & quality.

Second: Human & financial resources should be used perfectly.

Third  : All directorates and companies should be restructured to increase administrative efficiency to fulfill production objectives of the annual budget.

Fourth : To reduce expenditures as much as possible.

b)    The directorate of Accounting/MOF should be provided with the planning budgets starting from human and financial resources ending with financial plan, all tables and enclosures data that explain the number of production units should be mentioned together with the difference services. All details concerning production operations should be mentioned like quantity, quality, and costs.

c)    The above mentioned budget committees should be responsible to prepare the plan budget estimations before submitting them to MOF.


3-    The Investment Budget:

The investment budget should be prepared according to regulations previously followed; taking into consideration the following items:

a)     When asking for estimations, priorities are to be given to basic services like electricity, water…etc. which have direct contact with the life of people; we must ensure the continual operations of these projects.

b)    New suggested projects to support the Iraqi economy and reform the infrastructure to achieve the required development.

c)    Reconstruction projects are to be implemented only when they are proved to be of economic benefit to the country.

d)    Previous consultation with other ministries like the ministry of planning is required before submitting the final estimations to the MOF.



With regards





Deputy of the MOF

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