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IV. Improve Quality and Access to Housing

Increase financing, housing supply, and private ownership

V. Improve Quality and Access to Healthcare

Develop health care organizations, management, and infrastructure; train health care professionals; secure system; public health; pharmaceuticals logistic support; strategic communications

Saddamís Legacy

Due to the neglect and mismanagement of the Regime, the Iraqi healthcare system declined from one of the best systems in the region to one of ruin. During the 1990ís, spending on public health was cut by more than 90 percent with devastating results for the lives of average Iraqi citizens. At 102 deaths per 1,000 live births, infant mortality rates in Iraq have been among the highest in the world.

Coalition Partner Activities to Improve Health Care Sector

CPA and its partners are working with the Iraqi Ministry of Health to:

∑ Implement a comprehensive health care system that is financially sound and assures accessible, affordable and available quality care regardless of ethnicity, geographic origin, gender or religious affiliation;

∑ Focus on hospital rehabilitation and Primary Health Centers, maternal and child health, community health and mental health, public health, and professional training in both clinical and management settings;

∑ Shift from a hospital based, curative model of care to a primary health care model; and

∑ Establish a self-sustaining health care sector for the future.

For more information, please visit:

Iraq Ministry of Health:

Iraqi Business Center (For Tenders):

USAID Health Information:


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