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III. Provide Food Security for all Iraqis

Enhance capacity of Ministry; Assure supply of inputs; Strengthen research system; ensure adequate stocks for Public Distribution System (PDS); monitor food security; hand over administration of system in the North; initiate reform of rations basket; Environment Initiatives.

Saddam’s Legacy

About 60 percent of Iraq’s 27 million people are completely dependent on food provided through the Oil for Food program, which the United Nations began in 1995. Every person in Iraq is entitled to a food basket, which includes such staples as wheat, rice, dried milk, sugar, tea and soap. The food basket is distributed through a network of about 45,000 local grocers and other agents, with the food imported from abroad and supplied to the local distribution agents through Iraqi state owned enterprises. Although estimates vary, the food basket has a monetary value in Iraq of roughly $8 to 10 per person per month.

There is not a social safety net fully developed in Iraq. The Public Distribution System (PDS) is the one stabilizing factor throughout Iraq. It provides the entire population with a vital food basket, on which 60% of the population of Iraq is dependent.

Coalition Partners Activities to Enhance Food Security

CPA partners will focus on activities that will:

· Enhance working capacity of Ministry of Agriculture

· Assure supply of inputs

· Strengthen research system

· Ensure adequate Foodstocks for Public Distribution System (PDS)

· Strengthen the agriculture research system

· Monitor food security

· Initiate reform of rations basket

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