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I.  Provide Electricity Services that Meet National Needs

Goals:  Improve generating capacity to 6000MW by July 1, 2004; Fully implement policy on allocation of electrical power; Publish draft of long term strategy; Minimize Sabotage and Improve Security

Saddam’s Legacy

A reliable supply of electricity is essential to every functioning modern economy. The Saddam regime neglected all components of the electrical system -- the generation, transmission, and distribution sub-sectors. Post-war looting and sabotage have severely degraded the electrical infrastructure, including the destruction of transmission lines, towers, and many substations. Decades of operation without regular maintenance and fuel shortages, however, have also severely hampered dependable production. As a result, the country now produces less than 4,000 megawatts daily, with blackouts, unplanned outages and other failures occurring on a frequent basis. The system is also inadequate to meet Iraq’s growing demands and lacks acceptable measures of reliability.

Coalition Partner Activities to Improve Electricity Sector

CPA partners will provide reliable, stable and predictable power to the people and enterprises of Iraq by:

  • Reconstructing and rehabilitating generation, transmission and distribution networks as well as system control and communications
  • Establishing and implementing a sound regulatory framework for the electricity sector
  • Ensuring improved infrastructural security and resilience

Click on the links below to see accurate and up-to-date information on electricity in Iraq. The graphs are the data reflected on a graph which shows an upward or downward trend on power generation.

Daily Power Production and Distribution is the power and distribution report of the electricity generation plants in Iraq. No longer updated

Electrical System Status Reports are a breakdown of the generation plants and the status of each, either down for maintenance or operational.  No longer updated

Daily Power Highlights are a summary of power generation status. They also includes status reports on transmission lines status and a brief highlight summary of the days events.  No longer updated

USAID Electricity Information


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