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Citizens' Health Care Working Group

Health Care that Works for All Americans

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It's Up To You

What's next in the national discussion about our health care? This is your chance to be part of an important debate. Use the resources of this web site to learn about our health care system.

What happens next, depends on you.

Citizens’ Health Care Working Group Staff and Partners

Executive Director
George Grob

Permanent Full-Time Staff

Jill Bernstein
Craig Caplan
Carolyn Dell
Jessica Federer
William Hyde
Margretta Kennedy
Andrew Rock
Connie Chic Smith
Caroline Taplin

Interim/Part-Time Staff

Suzanne Amoonarquah
Normandy Brangan
Ken Cohen
Elyse Goldenberg
Lisa Goodnight
Jocelyn Hsu
Anne McGuire
Zakiya Pierre
Rebecca Anhang Price
Paige Smyth
Rachel Tyree
Lora Wentzel


Neighborhood America
Public Forum Institute


Jon Comola
Marcia Comstock
Jack Molnar
Joy Quill



The Citizens’ Health Care Working Group would like to thank all the people across the United States who helped us organize community meetings and encouraged neighbors and friends to attend meetings and to provide ideas, information, and input to the Working Group in person, in writing, and over the Internet. The Dialogue with the American People lists close to one hundred meetings and describes some of the contributions of organizations who worked with us over the past 18 months. Hundreds more individuals and organizations offered assistance with every aspect of our work. We hope that all know how deeply appreciative we are for their contributions.

We also offer our special thanks for data analyses conducted by staff of the Center for Financing, Access, and Cost Trends, Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality; the National Center for Health Statistics, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and the Economic Research Initiative on the Uninsured at the University of Michigan. These analyses, including data reported in The Health Report to the American People, helped us to understand important issues of access to care, health care costs, and quality of care.