Columbia Accident Investigation Board
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Photo Index

Board Members

CAIB Group Portrait

John Barry

Briefing Panel

Duane Deal

Hal Gehman

James Hallock

Kenneth Hess

Scott Hubbard

John Logsdon

Douglas Osheroff

Sally Ride

Roger Tetrault

Stephen Turcotte

Steven Wallace

Sheila Widnall

STS-107 Crew

STS-107 Crew

Shuttle Parts

3d Demo Board

Cards Board

Debris ID

Debris layout at Kennedy Space Center

Fitted RCC Layout

Fitting Pieces

Fuselage Structure

Right main landing gear door

Left inboard main landing gear tire

Left Wheel Well

Picture of left wing in orbit, day 1

Main Hatch


Nose Gear

Columbia Data Recorder (OEX)

Orbiter Processing Facility

Main Engine Powerhead


Right main landing gear tire

New Tile

Tile ID

Left main landing gear uplock roller


Expert Witnesses

William Ailor

Steve Altemus

John Bertin

Roy Bridges

Frank Buzzard

Gregory Byrne

Jose Caram

Aloysius Casey

Don Grosch

William Higgins

Paul Hill

Brian Kent

Justin Kerr

Gregory Kovacs

Stephen Labbe

Mike Leinbach

Allen Li

Christopher Madden

Scott Mullin

Paul Munafo

Panel Addresses Reporters

Steven Rickman

Michael Rudolphi

Marcia Smith

Mark Tanner

Russ Turner

James Walker

Doug White

Doug Whittle

Tom Young


Bipod Ramp

Model Panels and T-Seal

Shuttle Wing RCC Panel

Overhead View of STS

Shuttle Model Wing


Inspecting Map

Shuttle Model

Logo Slide

Viewing slides

Public Events

Buzz Aldrin

NTSB Conference Center

Media Cameras


Briefing Room

Hearing Room


Adhesive Sample

RSRM Flex Boot Sample

Various Foam Types

Foam Sample

NCFI Foam Sample

Foam Bipod Ramp

ET Foam Repair Sample

Metal Plate

RCC Sample

Sealant Sample

TPS Tile Sample

AFRSI Sample

Materials Testing

Air Gun

Dimensioning the Bipod Ramp

Blockhouse Countdown

Reinforced Carbon Preparation

Cryogenic Testing

ET94 at Michoud

Foam Marking

Edge Lift

Movement Measurements

Scanning Electron Microscope

Before Impact

After Impact


T-Seal 6/7

Astronauts Video Review


Left Wing

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