Our Company, White Wolf Consulting, would like to be involved in the Federal Trade Commission's development of policy on online access and security. White Wolf presents training on this topic to business, government, and individual users. In the course of our presentations, we have developed a broad profile of concerns in the area of security and privacy. As a result, we believe we can effectively represent a large segment of the growing population of Internet users to the Commission.

I wish to nominate myself as a member of the Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security as Vice President and CEO of White Wolf Consulting. A retired Air Force colonel, I have served on government commissions such as a late 1980's effort to reform military procurement, so I understand the process of a commission. Additionally, since retirement I have worked in the financial services arena with high technology access to financial markets. Since beginning White Wolf with my son, Timothy Rosenberg, an attorney working in the information security arena, we have endeavored to present solutions to security concerns with respect to Internet use. Particularly, we stress education, training, and policy as the most important solutions regardless of the types of hardware protections that are in place. We have given successful presentations, most notably during Infowarcon 99 in Washington, and are working with a law enforcement agency on security and privacy issues.

With respect to the effort the Federal Trade Commission has underway, we believe this action to be of fundamental importance to the further development of the Internet. In order to reach its full potential, the Internet access must be supported by a broad set of policies that do two things:

Ensure a modicum of privacy and security to users while maximizing the unfettered nature of internet access and use. Encourage access by those who are both less technology literate and financially challenged, so that modern technology does not become yet another defining barrier between the "haves and have-nots."

In addition to seeking an appointment to the Advisory Committee, we woud be honored to consult with the Committee on its deliberations in this important area. We wish you success in this effort, and look forward to hearing from you.

Roger E. Rosenberg,
White Wolf Consulting

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