David B. Lackey
Director of Marketing, Electronic Commerce
Metropolitan Mortgage & Securities Co., Inc.
Department 180000
601 W. 1st Avenue
Spokane, Washington 99204

January 5, 2000

Via E-Mail,

Federal Trade Commission
Room H-159
600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20580

Re: Advisory Committee on Online Access and Security - Nomination, P004807

To the Honorable Commissioners:

I respectfully tender my application for inclusion on the Federal Trade Commission's Online Access and Security Advisory Committee. My background includes experience in developing and implementing internet applications for business and e-commerce, as well as business marketing. Please refer to the resume sent along with this letter for the details of my experience in this regard.

In further support of this application, I submit to you the following:

1. My Participation on the Committee Would Promote a Balance of Points of View
As my resume indicates, I have varied and broad experience in electronic commerce and internet application. I have developed several e-commerce sites in differing industries. Currently, I am developing an extensive web site and e-commerce program for a diversified financial services company. Thus, I bring wide-ranging viewpoints from various business perspectives. My current project is based on a commitment to "business-to-business" and "business-to-consumer" internet models, seeking a balance of these disparate views in regards to channel conflict, privacy and security. Having been an avid internet user since 1990, I have seen the evolution of privacy and security on the internet first hand. I am keenly aware of distinction between perceptions and facts regarding both, since I am active on the buying consumer and business sides of the transaction.
2. I Possess Knowledge and Expertise in the Issues which the Committee Will Address
As a former computer programmer, I am knowledgeable in the infrastructure requirements and issues of server security technology. With a marketing and development background, I have expertise in implementation of these technologies and the issues usually addressed when attempting to meet a consumer's demands for privacy and security. My work experience includes implementing the latest security applications and infrastructure, in addition to closely monitoring consumer requests to insure complete consumer satisfaction in these areas. This included proactive processes to determine consumer satisfaction levels and additional ways to increase the consumers' awareness of our commitment to privacy and security. At Metropolitan, we are committed to insuring the consumers' and business partners' complete privacy and security satisfaction to an individual level.
3. I Could Adequately Reflect the Views of the Interest that I Represent
I am, and will continue to be, active in the development and implementation of business internet applications. I will bring to the committee a practical perspective, which will be constantly refreshed by experience in this developing area. Because of this "real world" tie, my involvement on the committee will reflect the dynamic evolution of the internet business interface.

I appreciate your consideration of this application, and I look forward to working with the committee and the Federal Trade Commission on this important topic. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or require any further information to evaluate my credentials.

Sincerely Yours,

David B. Lackey