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Vol. 2, No. 1, October 4, 1999  First Anniversary Edition

Pot of Gold: How to Find Your Lost Pension
In our first issue, we reported that the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation's online pension search had located 1,400 people owed more than $4 million of pension benefits. A year later, we're happy to report that 1,745 people who worked for 520 different employers have been found in 45 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. Benefits for the located people totaled over $5 million and ranged from a few dollars to more than $100,000. The average was about $4,000 per person.
GSA's WebForms Site
Is a Hit

One year ago we reported that the General Services Administration has put hundreds of commonly used federal forms on a one-stop web site. These GSA forms, Standard Forms, and Optional Forms can be viewed, filled in, printed, e-mailed or faxed directly from the Internet. Here's the report one year later--and it's good.
Search Scientific Journals Online
This year we announce another new service developed by the same folks at the Department of Energy who brought you "an Electronic Bridge to the 21st century" last year. Believe it or not, researching thousands of scientific journal articles can now be quick, easy and free with the exciting new public search service called PubSCIENCE.
American Indian Schools Connect for the 21st Century
Last year we asked if 51,000 American Indian children in 183 Bureau of Indian Affairs schools--many in remote areas--could be online in time for the next century. This year we report that on September 26, 1999, Cibecue Community School in Cibecue, Arizona, became the 150th American Indian school to be connected to the Internet. By spring BIA expects all schools to be online.

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Find Lost Pensions

WebForms Search

Scientific Journals

Connecting Indian Schools

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