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Vol. 1, No. 49, September 27, 1999

Fighting Floyd's Floods
Communities in North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida are fighting the flooding and other fallout from Hurricane Floyd, one of the fiercest storms in U.S. history. They are not fighting alone. The Federal Emergency Management Agency is on hand, working with 26 federal agencies and the American Red Cross to help citizens and communities cope with the devastation left behind. FEMA and its partners also have many online resources to help get the job done.
Immigration and Naturalization Service Online
Access Internet Magazine recently awarded the Immigration and Naturalization Service website four stars -- its top rating. This new, improved website is a critical part of the agency's efforts to put the "S" of service back into INS.
How to Register Your Copyright
So you've written a book, a play, a song, a poem, or a piece of software. Did you know that your work is copyrighted as soon as you've created it in tangible form? What you need to do within 3 months is register your copyright with the Copyright Office. Click on "Frequently Answered Questions" to learn the procedure and the fee. You can fill out the registration form online, print it, then mail it in. If you have a dissertation to register, check out "CORDS" - Copyright Office Electronic Registration.
September Is National Cholesterol Education Month
OK, September is almost over, but it isn't too late to learn more about this killer from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Lowering your cholesterol is important for young, middle-aged, and older adults. One out of every two men and one out of every three women will develop heart disease sometime in their lives. Whether you have heart disease or want to prevent it, you can reduce your risk for having a heart attack by lowering your cholesterol level.

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Fighting Floyd's Floods

Immigration and Naturalization

Register Your Copyright

Cholesterol Education Month

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