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Vol. 1, No. 26, April 19, 1999

TreasuryDirect E-Commerce
TreasuryDirect lets you buy Treasury bills, notes, and bonds directly from the government -- without brokers, without hassles, and without a mountain of paperwork.

SEC Introduces New
"Mutual Fund Cost Calculator"

The Securities and Exchange Commission has introduced an Internet-based tool that will help you comparison shop mutual fund fees. This calculator takes the math and the mystery out of questions like: "Am I better off buying a no-load fund with yearly expenses of 1.75%, or a fund with a front-end sales charge of 3.5% and yearly expenses of 0.90%?"

SBA Offers Welfare-to-Work Kit
Are you interested in hiring a welfare recipient in your small business? A new easy-to-use guide from the Small Business Administration, available both in print and online, explains the process and the benefits of hiring a Welfare-to-Work employee. In the kit, you will learn about tax credits, wage subsidy programs, ongoing support services and more--all the information you need to get started. If you need more help, SBA offers a friendly invitation to call, write, or send e-mail.

Dodge Disasters with FEMA
Natural disasters can strike anywhere, but few people are ever prepared for them, says the Incredibly Useful Sites picker in the May 1999 issue of Yahoo Internet Life. "Consult the Federal Emergency Management Agency's Library, and you won't be caught off guard. Its Preparedness and Training section features articles on readying yourself for (and surviving) earthquakes, mud slides, hurricanes, fires, and even nuclear-power-plant catastrophes."

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Mutual Fund Calculator

W2W kit

Dodge Disasters

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