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Vol. 1, No. 24, April 5, 1999

Save Hundreds of Dollars Every Year on Your Home Energy Bill
What homeowner doesn't want to save money on energy costs? But how? Easy--go to the Department of Energy's Home Energy Saver website, type in your zip code, then answer some questions. What kind of heating system? What kind of appliances do you use? How many occupants? The Web-based software will make recommendations and tell you how much money you can save. This may be a one-stop site, but it isn't a one-time stop. As you put in energy-efficient windows, beef up your insulation, and throw out your brother-in-law (just kidding), the site will keep track of all the money you're saving.

Before You Buy a Car, Check It Out Online
You're going to buy a new car. Your mom is going to buy a "preowned car." Before you go to a car dealer or she heads for a used car lot, make one stop before you leave home. Visit the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration's website. NHTSA has probably already crashed the car you have your eye on and can give you a safety score comparing it to other vehicles. By searching another database, your mom can even find out if her car was ever recalled.

Albuquerque VA Medical Center Explores Medical Uses of Holographic Camera
The Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Albuquerque is the only hospital in the country with a hologram machine. Dr. George A. Brown, who is testing it, has used more than 100 of the images in treating people with broken pelvises. The three -dimensional hologram can show layers of bone fragments, without one obscuring another, he said. Knowing exactly where the pieces of bone are can help doctors be more precise, making smaller surgical openings.

PC WEEK ONLINE Picks 100 Innovators in Government and Education
March 15, 1999--This week's installment of PC Week's year-long Fast-Track project shows that public college and university systems, state governments, and, yes, even federal agencies are beginning to shed their IT-laggard image and to successfully use emerging technologies in creative ways to fundamentally change how they deliver information and services to taxpayers, employees and students. Ten federal agency sites are on the list.

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