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Vol. 2, No. 17, January 24, 2000

Get Your Tax Refund Sooner with e-file
Filing your taxes may not be fun, but the Internal Revenue Service is certainly making it easier to file than ever. And if you use e-file, you'll get any refund a lot faster - maybe half the time of mailing a paper form.
New One-Stop Site for Export Assistance
A new interagency site sponsored by the U.S. Small Business Administration provides access to international trade information and services needed to succeed in today's increasingly global economy.

Online Natural Resources Information Center
The Natural Resource Information Center is a tool for people interested in natural resources, especially those related to agriculture and land use. And if you have specific interests - say cropland management and water quality in the state of Missouri - you can customize the presentation of this complex site to fit your needs exactly.

New Supercomputer Improves Weather Forecasts
A powerful supercomputer is now generating faster and more precise predictions of the atmosphere. We're getting more accurate forecasts for every city in the nation.

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E-File Tax Returns

Export Assistance

Natural Resources


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