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Vol. 2, No. 16, January 17, 2000

McDonald's Trayliners Promote Government Services
Patrons who decide to eat in instead of getting their meals "to go" at McDonald's may also notice something new -- trayliners that list critical telephone numbers and websites for easy access to basic government services.
Census Needs Part Time Workers Now
A nationwide recruiting campaign is underway to find workers to fill 860,000 short-term employment slots during Census 2000. The jobs are ideal for retirees, students and others seeking part-time work. Pass the word.

Dick Tracy Joins the FBI
Recently, the Federal Bureau of Investigation and comic strip hero Dick Tracy worked together to catch dangerous fugitives.

Clean Energy for the 21st Century
Energy-efficient products and practices, such as biomass, wind, solar and geothermal energy, and hydropower, help meet our Nation's energy needs while protecting the environment. The Department of Energy is leading efforts to research, develop and deploy clean, efficient, and renewable energy technologies.

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McDonald's Trayliners

Census Needs Workers

Dick Tracy Joins FBI

Clean Energy

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