White House Conference on Cooperative Education Saint Louis, Missouri: August 29, 30, & 31, 2005. Strengthening shared governance and citizen stewardship
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Exhibitor Information

Click Here to download a PDF of the exhibit hall and the exhibitors in alphabetical order.

Established as the result of an Executive Order signed by President Bush in 2004, the White House Conference on Cooperative Conservation is the only event of its kind. This historically significant conference offers exhibitors an opportunity to engage with key decision makers in organizations throughout the country. Designed as an invitation only conference to bring together the leaders in environmental conservation policy, this conference is sure to bring value to both the attendees and exhibitors. Since 1908 this is only the fourth time in America’s history that the White House has held an environmental conference. Conference attendees will be making suggestions for the advancement of cooperative conservation.

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Cooperative Conservation Definition
“As used in this order, the term ‘cooperative conservation’ means actions that relate to use, enhancement, and enjoyment of natural resources, protection of the environment, or both, and that involve collaborative activity among Federal, State, local, and Tribal governments, private for-profit and nonprofit institutions, other nongovernmental entities and individuals.”

Target Exhibitors

For-profit and nonprofit, private and public companies and organizations that sell products or services that assist with the cooperative conservation directive

Organizations that partner with State, Tribal and local governments, communities, private for profit and non-profit organizations, or private citizens that directly impact environmental conservation

Companies whose product or service can help to expand State, Tribal, and/or local communities’ role in cooperative conservation

Companies or organizations that with their products or services can:
1. guide those that need to facilitate a cooperative approach to use of public lands
2. assist with the measuring and monitoring of results of cooperative conservation
3. help to accelerate cooperative conservation as a way of doing business

Please note:
No sales transactions may take place during the conference. All Applications to Exhibit will be carefully reviewed and approved for compatibility with the goals of the conference.