Campaign for Tobacco-free kids or Campaign for Oxygen free babies -, 2/23/01 2:54AM  

Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids or Campaign for Oxygen-Free Babies?

    For more than a year, I have been trying to expose a deep dark secret that threatens to destroy more children on the pretense of protecting them from harm.  There are hundreds of anti-smoking and anti-tobacco campaigns claiming to be trying to stop children from using tobacco, and none of them have addressed the root issue of why people smoke or use tobacco.  People use tobacco for the same reason they would eat a candy bar.  There is something in it the body wants.  That something is not just an "addictive drug" as the rhetoric of the last 50 years has claimed, but actually a necessary nutrient, niacin, vitamin B-3.  For more than 100 years, the government has known, at some level, that nicotine and niacin are basically the same thing (discovered by Dr. Goldberger in 1895).  Niacin is made by oxidizing nicotine in the laboratory or burning it in a cigarette.  All niacin supplements come from tobacco because it is hard to get in ordinary foods unless you eat a lot of spinach or a lot of turkey.
    Teen diets are disgracefully deficient in niacin so all they know is that there is something in tobacco the body wants.  The proof is available in any good dictionary.  Look up nicotinic acid and follow the leads.  Niacin is the "drug" that regulates all energy exchanges at the cellular level, enhances brain activity and keeps the skin healthy.  Many acne outbreaks are signs of niacin deficiency.
    I have sent this information to the American Cancer Society; they disregarded it and endorsed Nicorette and Nicoderm, substances at least as dangerous as smoking.  I have put this information on-line and been told I should hide it from kids (  I have now sent this information to the Tobacco Commission (USDA).  If they do not respond, it will be proof beyond any possibility of a doubt that none of these people, agencies or non-profit enterprises give a damn about children; they are just tying to further a political agenda based on lies, for profit, just like any other pyramid scam.
    If American tobacco farmers are put out of business by this false theocracy, then most of America's tobacco and niacin will probably have to be imported from the largest tobacco grower in the world, China.
    How's that for an ulterior motive?