Posted: Oct 22, 2005 By: Victoria Weeks

Subject: FairTax Reform

Comment: I am writing you today, discouraged with the recommendations leaking from the Tax Reform Panel. I am convinced the most effective tax reform proposal out there is “The FairTax Act” (Senate Bill 25).

The FairTax Act is fair and simple to all. It is the only proposal out there that actually accomplishes what the President charged the tax panel with doing. The FairTax very efficiently simplifies the tax structure of the country. The FairTax effectively distributes the tax burden among all that are able to contribute. Most importantly the FairTax most assuredly would promote healthy economic growth.

Please take the time to effectively research “The FairTax Act” (Senate Bill 25). The current system is broken and it is going to take a bold idea to fix it and bold men to lead the way. The FairTax is that idea…