Posted: Oct 22, 2005 By: Rex Voorhees

Subject: Tax Reform

Comment: I do not know what you guys were thinking when your committee recommended to the President that reducing the amount of allowable deductible mortgage interest was TAX REFORM.

Why do politicians (and I mean all, Democrats and Republicians) think the money that citizens make working at hard jobs is theirs. Let me explain something to you DIM BULBS, the money individuals make at their jobs is OURS not YOURS. If you would get it through your thick skulls that your job is not guaranteed, you can be voted out, then maybe you would consider going to a Fair Tax.

Read Neal Bortz's and Congressman Linder's book and just maybe you might see the advantage of the FAIR TAX. Everyone will then pay acording to their consumption and not have their earnings confiscated by a government that thinks all money starts with it. Even visitors to this country from other countries would be paying taxes just because they are here buying goods and services. Then the Fair Tax gets even better, because it will promote companies to expand in this country and not go overseas to get away from the high cost of doing business in the USA becasue of our confiscatory tax structure.

You guys have just blown the greatest opprotunity to really help the entire working population.