Posted: Oct 23, 2005 By: Steven Bruening

Subject: Don't waste the oppornity for real tax reform

Comment: Take some pity on all of us hard working Americans. It is disappointing to try to get ahead only to be punished with a progressive tax. The Fair Tax seems to be an equitable place to start with reform. The war on drugs has its ups and downs, but most everyone knows of someone that it has not gotten yet. Yes the one that never holds a job and has the 22in spinner rims on a car that is worth $1000 at best. With the fair tax he pays too and not just incouraged by the system to reap the rewards. (i.e. pay in nothing and get a return of $4000 or more) The ball is in your court, don't waste the chance or be scared to make a change that is really fair to all. The working, voting citizens will, in the end, check the changes you propose. It would be a shame to lose the support of the people that make America what it is solely by not using an opportunity we gave you.