Posted: Oct 22, 2005 By: Zonrae Russell

Subject: Show Examples of Tax's

Comment: Take examples of a family of 4 for instance, who make $50,000.00 a year and show what taxes they pay now, and what taxes they will pay with this reform. Also, take it further and go up in income doing the same comparison. Then show lower inform family, and individuals tax liabilities now versus under reform. Unless do that it does not seem to be any better then the old way. We certainly know that taxes do not go down, and adjusted from one pocket to another. Even when you give a tax break, on one hand, you take it away on the other. Try not to make fools of us, the American people. How you might go is to restrict the amount of profit anyone company might make, thus restricting them from passing less cost to the consumers. Any other way is just an exercise of jockeying money around till no one knows who's paying what and how much. However, no tax reform will work without the curbing of government spending. Take away the governments credit cards and require that nothing be bought that is of higher price then what you can buy at the local business. Further, stop these contractors, bidding at one price, and then start adding cost over runs, that are not connected to the government making unreasonable changes at the last moment. In other words stop the $300.00 dollar toilet seat. Also, put pay raises for congress and the Senate should be voted on by the American people. So what after we elect them to office, we may grade them by limiting their pay. Then we would actually have government by the people, for the people. Also, when a government official gets passed over twice for a pay raise, they are terminated with a 90 day notice and compensation would be curtailed appropriately. Further, and Supreme Court members should have to be reconfirmed every 8 years, by the American people, not congress. Both parties could submit replacements for those not reconfirmed by the American people, however, the people would have to confirm those replacements, again not congress. Again, this would put government back in the hand of the people, not the courts and politicians. Another thing would be that no congressman or Senator could attach any pork spending to any bill going before them to vote on. Those would have to be submitted to the people for acceptance or rejecting, under a referendum vote by the people. A restriction would be placed on congressmen from severing more then 6 years, and Senators from serving more then 8 years. The President would only serve one term of 4 years. Then all those who have served the limit, would not be able to run again for any government seat in Washington for at lest 10 years. And no one who served in a post in Washington, could come back, and be a lobbyist there.