Posted: Apr 25, 2005 By: David J. Didimamoff



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April 20, 2005

The President’s Advisory Panel of Federal Tax Reform

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Washington, DC 20220

Via e-mail

Dear Honorable Chairmen and Members:

The attached suggestions are submitted in response to your request for comments. They represent my personal views derived from over twenty years of preparing (mostly individual) income tax returns.

Some of the suggestions included you have, no doubt heard before. There may be one or two that are unique that would, in my humble opinion, make our taxation system more palatable to many taxpayers as they would (1) allow those deductions deemed sacrosanct by many taxpayers, (2) eliminate the apparent discrimination against upper income taxpayers while still collecting their fair share of the nation’s annual tax levy, and (3) greatly simplify the existing Internal Revenue Code, especially as it pertains to the vast majority of individual taxpayers who pay the bulk of our income taxes.

I wish you success in your endeavors and hope that you will find the attached suggestions useful.

Respectfully submitted,

David J. Didimamoff