Posted: Oct 23, 2005 By: Mary Aho

Subject: Don't FAIL to fulfill your assignment!

Comment: I am disappointed to hear that the Tax Reform Panel is talking about recommending more "tweaking" of the current income tax program rather than the REFORM President Bush was looking for when he created this panel. The current tax code must be abolished! No one human being can understand the entire code. We are getting to the point where it will be impossible to fill out a Federal income return without a computer. It is totally unconscionable that most average taxpayers have to pay someone to fill out their return.

Have you members of the panel read the Executive Order outlining your job? The first instruction is to "simplify Federal tax laws to reduce the costs and administrative burdens of compliance with such laws." Adding more pages to the current tax code does NOT qualify as simplifying and will NOT reduce costs!

The second instruction says "share the burdens and benefits of the Federal tax structure in an appropriately progressive manner…." Tweaking the current tax code is NOT progressive. It indicates that you are afraid or unable to think outside the box.

The third instruction is to "promote long-run economic growth and job creation…" Again, how is tweaking the current tax code going to accomplish this?

The Executive Order also says "At least one option submitted by the Advisory Panel should use the Federal income tax as the base for its recommended reforms." This implies that other recommendations should NOT start with the current Federal income tax code!

I support the Fair Tax (H.R. 25) but there are other options. If your report does not include some true reform options, then your panel will have FAILED to fulfill the task the President presented to you.