Posted: Oct 22, 2005 By: Mick Malkemus

Subject: tax lien time period

Comment: Dear Panel, I have had a lien on my record since 1987. Since I've had an average of less than poverty level income for most of my life, I find it difficult to understand why the government continues to hold a lien against me after almost 20 years. This has resulted in being denied employment in several cases, and therefore has prevented me from paying much more taxes over time that I would otherwise have been able to do. I suggest two things: 1) Lien forgiveness for persons that are consistently below poverty level. 2) A definite time limit upon such a lien, ten years would be reasonable I think. Both of these suggestions make sense for the possiblity of greater tax revenues from an individual over time, and that is one of the points of the IRS, isn't it? I have written to the IRS to see if they can average my tax lien out in regards to this, whether or not they can reduce or eliminate this lien, but the outcome is still unknown. Since I have been denied employment, I have not been able to save for retirement, so I will ultimately end up being a total charge to the system under social security and medicare. At 47, it is probably too late for me to correct this, but you all can prevent this situation for millions of Americans in the future by creating reasonable outlines for the length of a tax lien. Sincerely, Mick Malkemus