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March 25, 2004 Press Statement

U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy Announces
Comment Period for Preliminary Report
April 20 - May 21, 2004

Today, the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy announced that the comment period for its Preliminary Report will run from April 20 to May 21, 2004. Comments on the Preliminary Report can be submitted by e-mail, fax, or regular mail. The report and detailed instructions for submitting comments will be available for download from the Commission’s web site,, on April 20, when the report is released to the public

The comment period on the Commission’s Preliminary Report is the first step in a two-stage process. In this stage, the report will be available for review and comment by the nation’s governors and interested stakeholders. Stage two will begin when the public comment period closes on May 21. At that point, the Commission will take time for a comprehensive review of the comments received from the governors and others. Once all comments are considered, the Commission will prepare and deliver its final report and recommendations on a coordinated and comprehensive national ocean policy to the President and Congress.


Background on the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy

As mandated by the Oceans Act 2000 (P.L. 106-256), the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy will establish findings and make final recommendations to the President and Congress for a coordinated and comprehensive national ocean policy. The new policy will address a broad range of issues, from ocean governance to the stewardship of marine resources and pollution prevention to enhancing and supporting marine science, commerce and transportation.

The Commission began its work in September 2001, with a series of 15 public meetings and 17 additional site visits around the country. During the last two and a half years, Commission members learned first-hand about the most pressing issues facing the nation concerning the use and stewardship of ocean and coastal resources. The Preliminary Report is built on information presented at those meetings, combined with the latest scientific and technical information on oceans and coasts and input from hundreds of experts. Although the Preliminary Report will be a work in progress, its findings and policy recommendations will reflect a consensus of Commission members and put forward what the Commissioners believe to be a balanced approach to protecting the marine environment while sustaining the vital role oceans and coasts play in our lives and national economy.


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