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April 16, 2004 Media Advisory

“Oceans and Coasts in Serious Trouble”
U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy’s Preliminary Report
Calls For Immediate Action

Historic Report To Unveil a Blueprint for National Ocean Policy for 21st Century
9:00 AM, Tuesday, April 20, 2004,
National Press Club Ballroom
(529 14th Street, NW, Washington, DC)

Call Contacts for Embargoed Copies of Report

Washington, D.C. – Our oceans and our coasts are in serious trouble and our nation must seize this historic opportunity, while it is still possible to reverse distressing declines, seize exciting opportunities, and sustain the oceans, coasts and their valuable resources for future generations according to the Preliminary Report of the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy. The historic report will be released at 9:00 AM ET, Tuesday, April 20, 2004, at the National Press Club, Washington, D.C.

The Commission’s report will provide a blueprint that will chart a course for a coordinated, comprehensive national ocean policy for the 21st century. The report’s recommendations will present workable solutions that balance use with sustainability for America’s oceans, Great Lakes and coastal areas and their important resources.

Mandated by the Congress through the Oceans Act 2000 (P.L. 106-256), the U.S. Commission on Ocean Policy conducted the first comprehensive review of U.S. ocean policy in thirty-five years. The Commission began its work in September 2001 with a series of 15 public meetings and 17 additional site visits in every coastal region of the country and the Great Lakes. The Commission heard testimony from 440 experts, including many of the nation’s top ocean scientists and researchers, environmental organizations, industry, citizens and government officials, as well as receiving written testimony from countless others.


News Conference Capitol Hill
Senator Fritz Hollings (D-SC), Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), Members of House Ocean Caucus, others
2:15 PM, Tuesday, April 20, 2004
116 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Senate Full Commerce Committee Hearing
9:30 AM, Thursday, April 22, 2004
253 Russell Senate Office Building

Senate Full Appropriations Committee Hearing
2:00 PM, Thursday, April 22, 2004
138 Dirksen Senate Office Building

Scott Treibitz (703) 276-2772 ext. 11
David Roscow (703) 276-2772 ext. 21



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