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Tips for Searching the NPR Website

To find information on this Website, you need to ask or query the system. When you ask a question, the engine searches the system for all documents that contain the words and/or phrases you request. Here are two ways to find what you want:
  1. Use and and or to show relationships between two words or concepts. This is called a Boolean search. Here are some examples:

    Use and to connect a pair of words or terms.

    customer and service

    The search engine will return the documents that contain both words.
    Use or to join two words or phrases.

    customer service or hassle-free service

    The search engine will return the documents that contain either word.

  2. Use an asterisk (*), which is called a wildcard. It allows all posible combinations of a word or phrase. Use the asterisk only at the end of a string of letters (it will not work correctly unless it is used as the last character). For example:


Where To Search From This Site

Now you can go to the page that allows you to search. You can use either of the two ways above alone, or you can combine them within the same search.

What You Get When You Search

After you enter your search terms, the search engine will then display a list of documents containing those words. Each item is a link to a matching document. If the document has a title it will be shown, otherwise only the document's computer file name is displayed.

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