Excerpt on Reinvention from Remarks of Vice President Al Gore
Center for National Policy
Washington, DC
July 9, 1997

As we balance the budget, we must also continue to transform the federal government. But new ideas must be implemented in new ways.

Over the past decade, American business has changed the way it does business. It has emphasized choice, quality, and efficiency. All around America, companies large and small have stopped doing "business as usual." And in the past four years and a half years, this Administration has stopped doing "government as usual." Our Reinventing Government initiative is one of the reasons we have the ability to both balance the budget and still increase our investments into the future. We have cut 300,000 government employees from the federal workforce and are getting rid of 16,000 pages of unnecessary regulations. But even more importantly we have changed the way government views its role. We're listening to federal employees and following their ideas. Once the focus was on filling out paperwork and making sure forms were done in triplicate -- today the focus is on serving the customer and offering them choices.

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