7/12/99: Mapping Out Crime: Ways The Federal Government Can Help


Mapping Out Crime Table of Contents


  • Federal grants and contracts
  • Comparative data from multiple jurisdictions to identify best practices and support benchmarking
  • Analysis of problems and assessment of different intervention strategies
  • Information, training, and technical assistance
  • Combined and coordinated resources of federal law enforcement agencies
  • Development, evaluation, and promotion of national strategies, e.g. the National Drug Control Strategy and the Integrated Firearms Violence Reduction Strategy
  • Convening authority to develop common goals and objectives, mobilize action, and solve problems
  • Federal resources for both prevention and enforcement
  • National and local level leadership (e.g., through the U.S. Attorneys' Offices)
  • Use of the Government Performance and Results Act as a tool to focus federal resources on results
  • Jurisdiction and prosecution in high-impact, high-profile areas and cross-boundary problems
  • Ability to target and deploy flexible resources to priority problems

Mapping Out Crime Table of Contents

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