Document Name: Chapter 6: Natural Resouce Management
Date: 12/04/95
Owner: National Performance Review

Chapter 6

Customer Service Standards for

Natural Resource Management

Agriculture (Department)

Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service

Animal Damage Control

Helps solve conflicts between human activities and wild animals.

We strive for the highest possible standards in providing you service. When requesting assistance, you can expect the following:

* You will be provided with accurate information or expert help to resolve or minimize your wildlife conflict.

* Our employees will show respect for people, property, and wildlife.

* Our employees will respect varying viewpoints on wildlife damage management.

* We will use the most humane, selective, and effective control techniques.

* We will conduct activities in a professional, biologically sound, and accountable way.

* Our work will be done in a safe manner and in accordance with all federal, state, and local laws and regulations.

National Biological Control Institute

Promotes, facilitates, and provides leadership in the use of live natural enemies to reduce populations of pest species.

When you contact us, we will be:

* Courteous and respectful: Your views and needs are important to us, and you can expect professional treatment, objectivity, and confidentiality. You will be assisted by a polite, responsive, and knowledgeable staff.

* Fair: Our services will be objective, irrespective of your race, color, national origin, sex, religion, age, disability, political beliefs, and marital or family status.

* Clear: We will explain to you what we do, how our programs work, and how you can get our help. If our information is hard to understand, tell us and we will try to make it easier to understand.

* Accessible: We are available to talk to individuals, organizations, and school groups about our services. Contact us by letter, phone, or fax, or through our bulletin board system.

* Ethical: We strive to meet the highest scientific and ethical standards to deliver our products and services to you.

* Entrepreneurial: We will customize solutions to your pest problems through building partnerships, leveraging resources, focusing our efforts, and promoting innovation. If we cannot meet your needs, we will try to put you in touch with someone who can.

* Efficient: Based on your requests, we have assembled several information packets, which are normally provided on the same day as your request. If research is needed to help with your need, we estimate how long it will take. If obstacles are met that delay our response, we will tell you and try to offer alternatives.

* Open: We work for you and continually seek your views, listen to your needs, and take appropriate action based on them. If you are not satisfied with any aspect of our service, tell us so we can correct the problem. If we make a mistake, we will tell you and correct it.

Forest Service

Provides leadership in the management, protection, and use of the nation's forests and rangelands.

* Our offices, worksites, and visitor centers will be open at times convenient to our customers.

* Our facilities will be safe, clean, attractive, and informative.

* Our facilities and programs will be accessible to persons of all ages and abilities.

* Visitors will always be welcomed with prompt, courteous service.

* Customers will be asked regularly to help us improve our services and business practices.

* Customers will receive the services and information they request, or we will explain why we cannot meet the request.

* Customers will be fully informed of the process required for grants, agreements, contracts, and permits, and we will respond in a timely manner.

Commerce (Department)

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration

National Environmental Satellite, Data, and Information Service

Gathers and distributes the nation's environmental satellite and oceanographic data.

We will serve you in the area of data quality by:

* Addressing the accuracy of measurements and the probability that any observation is consistent with this accuracy.

We will serve you in the area of data continuity by:

* Addressing the compatibility between past and present data relative to a homogeneous and continuous record.

* Improving climate and ocean prediction through access to NOAA's quality databases.

* Improving business decisions using NOAA's national and international data holdings.

We will serve you in the area of customer service by:

* Hosting workshops and data advisory groups twice a year.

* Hosting user-based demonstrations and validations twice a year.

* Improving access to data and information via on-line services, as opposed to telephone requests; will improve response time by one day to two weeks.

* Providing response to standard customer orders in fewer than 14 working days and rush orders in fewer than five working days.

National Marine Fisheries Service

Responsible for the stewardship of the nation's living marine resources.

We will provide service by:

* Developing, evaluating through client testing, and implementing more efficient and easy-to-use data access technologies such as menu-driven computer interfaces and facsimile transmissions of perishable data.

* Developing new statistical databases and reports driven by analyses of customer requests obtained through symposia and workshops.

* Including stakeholders in the development of new statistical data collection systems, including long-range strategic planning efforts for fisheries statistics in partnership with our state and federal counterparts.

* Regularly polling user needs and customer satisfaction through customer surveys; and participation in or conduct of workshops, advisory panels, or committees on statistics.

* Maintaining multiple oral and written, in-person and electronic means of communication to our users, such as newsletters, electronic mail forums, and face-to-face meetings, to promote a healthy dialog and hear the voice of our customer.

Defense (Department)

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Environmental Management

Incorporates ecosystem management considerations in all aspects of its water resource projects, including those for navigation, flood control, storm damage reduction, hydroelectric, and recreation.

* We will work hand-in-hand with states, cities, and municipalities to fund, plan, and implement needed water and environmental projects that meet federal criteria.

* When recommending projects, we will carefully weigh costs and benefits to the environment with economic costs and benefits, reconciling society's demands with the vital need to sustain our natural environment.

* When requested by the Environmental Protection Agency or another federal agency, we will quickly apply our know-how in environmental engineering and management to investigate hazardous and toxic waste on defense sites, and clean them promptly and thoroughly as funding allows.

* We will continue to work with the public and industry through our four research laboratories to develop new technological solutions to environmental concerns and to make them available quickly.

Water Resources Operation and Maintenance

Operates 234 locks, dredges over 900 harbors, operates and maintains 383 major lakes and reservoirs for flood control, maintains 2,500 recreation sites, and provides hydropower at 75 sites.

* We will publish all scheduled lock outages and maintain procedures for notification of unscheduled outages.

* We will coordinate and share information with federal, state, and local officials of potential flood conditions.

* We will maintain the harbors and rivers of America's waterways so that they are open to traffic.

* We will maintain all recreation facilities in a clean and safe condition, and we will treat all of our visitors courteously.

Water Resources Planning, Engineering, and Construction

Provides developmental capabilities for water resources projects affecting the United States, in partnership with state and local communities.

* We will work closely with other federal government, state, and local officials to complete a definition of the problem with a goal of completing this activity for large projects within two years. These studies will be federally funded.

* We will work to develop a feasibility report of potential solution(s) for large projects within four years, for referral for action to Congress. These studies will be cost-shared.

* For those projects authorized, we will complete preconstruction engineering and design within two years. The design is federally funded up-front. The local sponsor will be asked to share design and construction costs when the project is under construction.

* We will provide the sponsor with an estimate of the construction costs and schedule prior to construction, and we will meet regularly with the sponsor to manage risks.

Waterways Regulation

Regulates the development/use of any work or structure in or affecting a navigable waterway of the United States and the discharge of dredged or fill material in all waters of the United States; authorizes 90,000 activities annually.

* We will complete action on 70 percent of all applications in less than 120 days.

Energy (Department)

Energy Resources Business Line

Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy

Advances the nation's capability to deliver clean, efficient, reliable, equitable, and cost-effective energy services to the American people.

* Establish 12 new Cooperative Research and Development Agreements with the automotive industry to develop cleaner cars, with the goal of increasing transportation energy efficiency, lowering air pollution levels, and reducing the nation's dependence on imported oil, by October 1995.

* Implement climate change programs to reduce domestic greenhouse gases by 4 percent by the year 2000.

* Provide funds for weathering 126,000 homes and upgrading 1,350 schools and hospitals by October 1995.

* Increase the use of clean domestic natural gas to an estimated 22 trillion cubic feet.

* Create 20,000 new jobs through the implementation of energy efficiency programs that promote private sector investment by October 1995.

Environmental Quality

Office of Environmental Management

Protects human health and the environment.

* Improve the cost performance of environmental quality projects by 20 percent over the next two years.

* Improve the cost of performance of environmental management and restoration activities by 20 percent over the next two years.

* Increase the frequency by which Environmental Management employees interact with stakeholders by establishing programs that engage individual employees with individual stakeholders at each EM site.

* Improve the distribution of programmatic information by filling orders for publications at the Center for Environmental Management Information within two business days from the time they reach the Center.

* Increase by at least 10 percent the number of customers who report a "great deal" of trust in EM by 1996.

Interior (Department)

Bureau of Indian Affairs

Serves as the steward for Indian and Alaskan Native lands and monies held in trust by the United States.

By the end of FY 1995:

* We will provide you with up-to-date information about the status of your claim, application, case, or inquiry on the day of your visit to our office.

* We will answer your telephone call in a pleasant, courteous manner and be responsive to your questions. We will return your phone call by close of business the next work day. If we are not able to assist you, we will direct you to the necessary office that will help you.

* We will respond to your written inquiries within five days of receipt of your letter, and we will seek resolution of your problems within 30 days.

* We will consult with and provide feedback to you regarding education issues under consideration through regularly held regional education consultation meetings.

* We will develop all new rules and regulations in partnership with tribes.

* We will establish a formal consultation process through which comments and concerns by tribal governments will be sought.

Bureau of Land Management

Casual Uses of Lands, Facilities, and Developed Sites

Oversees use of campgrounds, visitors centers, developed trails, and other facilities.

* You will be provided with well-designed and well-maintained facilities.

* You will receive complete and up-to-date information on the requested site.

* If you need an authorization to use lands, facilities, or sites, we will complete action on your in-person request within 30 minutes. We will respond to telephone or written requests within five business days.

Compliance and Enforcement

Enforces requirements, regulations, and laws governing leases, permits, grants, and other uses of lands and resources.

* You will be advised of the requirements for the proper use of public lands and resources.

* You will be provided with the information you need regarding the applicable BLM compliance and enforcement process, expected timeframes, and reporting requirements and responsibilities.

* You will receive fair and equitable treatment under laws and regulations.

Public Policy Involvement Opportunities

Provides opportunities for you to be involved in our planning process and our management of resources.

* You will be provided with the opportunity to tell us how you think publicly owned resources should be managed.

* As we develop plans, rules, and regulations for use of public resources, you will be asked for your ideas.

* You will be afforded adequate time to make your comments and suggestions.

Recreational and Educational Users

Manages all aspects of 270 million acres of federal land and 570 million acres of federal mineral resources.

You can expect from us service that is professional, efficient, courteous, and that actively seeks and responds to your views.

We will always:

* Treat you courteously every time you contact us.

* Work with you to meet your needs while complying with laws and regulations.

* If any request cannot be filled in your initial contact with us, advise you who will respond to your request and when that will be done, and what the process is for addressing the request.

* You will be provided with well-designed and well-maintained facilities.

* You will receive complete and up-to-date information on the requested site.

* If you need an authorization for your use of lands, facilities, or sites, action on your in-person request will be completed within 30 minutes. We will respond to telephone or mail requests within 5 business days.

Uses Requiring Authorization

Administers grazing permits, mineral leases, and rights of way that require prior written approval.

* You will receive a response to your phone messages and letters, usually within five business days.

* You will be informed of what the transaction is, how your request will be handled, who will respond to your request, and the date by which we expect to address your request.

Bureau of Reclamation

Hydropower and Water Deliveries

Manages hydropower and water deliveries.

* We will always treat our customers with courtesy and respect.

* We will promptly answer our customers' questions with accurate, objective information.

* We will resolve our customers' needs through single-point contact whenever possible--our customers will not receive the runaround.

* We will provide educational information to our customers about the resources we manage, their use, and the laws and regulations governing their use.

* We will use language that our customers can easily understand.

* We will ask for and consider our customers' ideas about agency plans, programs, and services.

* We will promptly respond to our customers' suggestions, concerns, and complaints.

Minerals Management Service

Offshore Minerals Management

Administers the Outer Continental Shelf leasing program.

Alaska Regional Public Information Office--Pilot Project:

* The buck stops here when it comes to assisting people lost and wandering in the bureaucratic maze of government.

* Walk-in customers have priority and will be promptly acknowledged and assisted as soon as possible.

* All information will be current and correct. Staff will find the answer or find a more knowledgeable person to assist. We will never guess.

* Not all questions have answers. If the answer can't be found, that fact will be reported to the customer.

* Customers are never sent to another office or agency cold. Staff will check to ensure that the office is the correct one and also that the contact person is available.

* Before leaving, all customers will be asked, "Does this completely answer your question?"

The Gulf of Mexico Public Information Office--Pilot Project:

* When you enter our office, you will be promptly acknowledged.

* We will be sensitive to your information needs.

* You can expect to be treated with courtesy at all times.

* We will make a sincere effort to provide you with information in a timely manner.

* We will strive to accurately respond to your request.

Pacific Regional Public Information Office--Pilot Project:

* First class is our game and you will be treated the same. Customers visiting the Pacific Region are our number one priority.

* We will greet you with a smile and give you prompt assistance. Your needs are important to us.

* We are as time-conscious as you are. We will try to get you what you need as quickly as possible.

Royalty Management Program

Handles all mineral revenue functions for federal and Indian lands.

Farmington, New Mexico--Pilot Project:

Our aim is to continually improve service to you. If you would like to make a comment or complaint, please feel free to use the comment card available from any of our employees.

* Prompt, personal attention (an interpreter will be provided if necessary): You will be treated with courtesy and respect.

* Accurate information: Your questions will be answered before you leave, or you will receive periodic status reports until the issues are resolved.

* You will not be sent to another office unless absolutely necessary.

* Easy access to us: You can come to our office, you can call our free telephone number (1-800-238-2839), or we will meet with you at a more convenient location at your request.

Oklahoma City--Pilot Project:

* Assist our customers with the same high standards we expect as customers.

* Listen to your royalty issues and assume responsibility for coordinating the resolution of your concerns.

* Meet you elsewhere to help you understand the royalty process as it affects you if you cannot come to our office.

* Seek your ideas to help us improve our services by routinely requesting your input on our performance and professionalism.

National Park Service

Promotes and regulates the use of national parks, monuments, and reservations.

We pledge to:

* Protect your right to experience superlative wilderness and scenic grandeur.

* Communicate an understanding of the people, places, and events that shaped these United States.

* Provide opportunities for quality outdoor recreation while conserving exceptional natural, cultural, and historical resources.

* Make the beauty and history of our nation's parklands a more meaningful part of the life of all Americans.

* Manage the National Park System so that everyone, now and in the future, may be assured the right of enjoying the parks.

* Seek out and protect the finest of what remains unprotected of the nation's natural, cultural, historical, and recreational resources.

* Join in partnerships throughout this and other nations in conserving and maintaining a quality world environment.

* Over 200 individual park units have developed site-specific visitor standards.

Visitor Centers

Provides information on National Parks.

* We will keep the Center open during peak hours and seasons and provide alternative sources of information when the Center is closed.

* We will maintain the facility in a clean, safe condition.

* We will answer your questions or refer you to additional sources of assistance.

* We will make special efforts to inform you of hazards and situations that may adversely affect your visit.

* We will provide and maintain exhibits and audiovisual programs that impart understanding and stimulate appreciation of the park and its significant natural, historical, cultural, and recreational values.

* We will display schedules of programs and activities available throughout the park.

* We will offer a wide range of quality, park-related educational items at fair market value sold in well-maintained outlets.

* Over 200 individual park units have developed site-specific visitor standards.

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