Document Name: Appendix A -- National Performance Review Part I
Date: 09/07/94
Owner: National Performance Review
Title:Appendix A -- National Performance Review Part I

-- From Red Tape to Results

Author: Vice President Albert Gore's National Performance Review

Date:7 September 1993 10:00:00 EST

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National Performance Review

Major Recommendations By Agency


Appendix A Key & Editor's Notes:


cbe = cannot be estimated (due to data limitations or

uncertainties about implementation time lines).

na = not applicable - recommendation improves efficiency or

redirects resources but does not directly reduce budget



This Appendix is in a two-column table format in the original

document. The major heading for both columns is:

Fiscal Impact, 1994-99*

(Millions of Dollars)

[As a footnote: *Fiscal estimates were made for 1994 only where

action could impact spending in that year. Most estimates cover

1995-99. Estimates shown are for cumulative budget authority

changes. Negative numbers indicate reduced spending.]

The first column title is:

Change in Spending

The second column title is:

Change in Revenues

The entries to these columns are shown on the last line of each

recommendation paragraph; the first number or letters relating to

the Change in Spending column, the second number or letters

relating to the Change in Revenues column.



AID01 Redefine and Focus AID's Mission and Priorities

With the end of the Cold War, AID must rethink how it will

operate. NPR recommends steps to plan for this new mission and
proposes new authorizing legislation to define its post-Cold War

mission and priorities.

cbe cbe

AID02 Reduce Funding, Spending and Reporting Micromanagement

Eliminate AID's outdated or unduly burdensome reporting

requirements and reduce legislative earmarks to provide greater

operating flexibility.

cbe cbe

AID03 Overhaul the AID Personnel System

Recommendations include changes in AID's personnel system to

integrate its multiple systems and review benefits.

na na

AID04 Manage AID Employees and Consultants as a Unified Work


Lift some current personnel restrictions and give managers

authority to manage staff resources more efficiently and


cbe cbe

AID05 Establish an AID Innovation Capital Fund

Create a capital investment fund to improve information and

financial management systems and customer service.

na na

AID06 Reengineer Management of AID Projects and Programs AID

should use pilot programs and new approaches to emphasize

flexibility, innovation, customer service and program results.

cbe cbe

AID07 Consolidate or Close AID Overseas Missions

AID should regionalize missions and staff services overseas and

close nonessential missions. It should establish "graduation"

criteria for countries receiving U.S. assistance.

cbe cbe


USDA01 End the Wool and Mohair Subsidy

The subsidy is no longer needed since wool is no longer a

strategic commodity.

-923.0 0.0

USDA02 Eliminate Federal Support for Honey

Eliminate the honey subsidy because the program does not serve

the intended purpose of ensuring the availability of honeybees

for crop pollination.

-15.0 0.0

USDA03 Reorganize the Department of Agriculture to Better

Accomplish Its Mission, Streamline Its Field Structure and

Improve Service to Its Customers

USDA should streamline its field operations to eliminate

unnecessary offices, reduce costs and better serve farmers.

-1,673.6 0.0

USDA04 Implement a Consolidated Farm Management Plan

The farm management plan proposed by Secretary Espy provides an

opportunity to simplify regulations for farm management and is a

good way to consolidate competing requirements into a single

plan for each farm.

cbe cbe

USDA05 Administer the Employment and Training Requirements for

Food Stamp Recipients More Effectively and Efficiently Redirect

funds from an ineffective training program for food stamp

recipients and allow them to participate in programs with proven


-1,041.1** 0.0

[As a footnote: **The NPR recommends that these savings be

redirected to alternative uses. Savings totals exclude these


USDA06 Encourage Better Food Package Management Practices and

Facilitate Multi-State Contracts for Infant Food and Formula Cost

Containment in the WIC Program

The recommendation encourages increased competition among infant

formula vendors and manufacturers of other items in the UDSDA's

Special Supplemental Food Program for Women, Infants and Children

(WIC). Savings accrue to program.

-500.0** 0.0

[As a footnote: **The NPR recommends that these savings be

redirected to alternative uses. Savings totals exclude these


USDA07 Deliver Food Stamp Benefits Via Electronic Benefits

Transfer to Improve Service to Customers While Remaining Cost


Use electronic technology to distribute food stamp benefits,

thereby improving service and reducing the need for current paper


cbe cbe


DOC01 Reinvent Federal Economic and Regional Development


Improve coordination of federal economic development efforts with

the goals of eliminating duplication and better directing

federal resources to improve business conditions.

na na

DOC02 Provide Better Coordination to Refocus and Leverage

Federal Export Promotion

This recommendation is designed to improve federal services to

U.S. businesses competing in the world export markets.

na na

DOC03 Reform the Federal Export Control System for Commercial


To help ensure leading U.S. industries are competitive in the

global marketplace, changes should be made in the export control


na na

DOC04 Strengthen the Tourism Policy Council

Revitalize the Tourism Policy Council and give it greater

authority to coordinate federal tourism promotion efforts.

na na

DOC05 Create Public / Private Competition for the NOAA Fleet

A pilot program is recommended to open the National Oceanic and

Atmospheric Administration fleet to public and private

competition to bolster the aging fleet.

cbe cbe

DOC06 Improve Marine Fisheries Management

To help protect fishing resources and provide new income to the

government, NOAA should collaborate with Congress and fishing

industry representatives to establish appropriate user fees to

help offset management costs for national fishery zones.

0.0 375.0

DOC07 Provide EDA Public Works Loan Guarantees for

Infrastructure Assistance

This recommendation would provide the Economic Development

Administration with authority to use part of its funding as a

reserve for loan guarantees for various public economic

development projects.

na na

DOC08 Establish a Manufacturing Technology Data Bank

To help U.S. manufacturing firms increase their technical

capabilities, Commerce should create a new database to provide

technical information and contacts.

na na

DOC09 Expand the Electronic Availability of Census Data To

increase access to and use of census data, the Census Bureau

should create a computerized census information center.

na na

DOC10 Amend the Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act to

Increase the Data

Quality of the National Trade Data Bank This recommendation

outlines improvements needed in the quality and quantity of data

in this business-oriented data bank.

na na

DOC11 Eliminate Legislative Barriers to the Exchange of

Business Data Among Federal Statistical Agencies

Eliminate legislative barriers to the exchange of business data

among federal agencies (the Census Bureau, Bureau of Labor

Statistics, and Bureau of Economic Analysis) to reduce the

reporting burden on American business.

na na

DOC12 Establish a Single Civilian Operational Environmental

Polar Satellite Program

To reduce duplication and save taxpayers a billion dollars over

the next decade, various current and proposed polar satellite

programs should be consolidated under NOAA.

-300.0 0.0

DOC13 Use Sampling to Minimize Cost of the Decennial Census

Use sampling rather than more costly methods of counting

nonrespondents to next deciennial census. (Savings will occur

but are beyond the time frame of this analysis.)

cbe cbe

DOC14 Build a Business and Economic Information Node for the

Information Highway

To assist in the distribution of government information to

private citizens, Commerce should build a business and economic

information node to the "information highway."

cbe cbe

DOC15 Increase Access to Capital for Minority Businesses

Commerce and SBA should provide the President with

recommendations to improve SBA and Minority Business Development

Administration programs.

na na


---The Bottom-Up Review

This is a general summary of the Bottom-Up Review of DOD's force

structure and requirements and its part in the National

Performance Review effort. A total of $79 billion in savings

through 1997 are already incorporated into the President's 1994

budget. These savings are not included in the NPR analysis.

---Acquisition Reform

The DOD acquisition system is large and extraordinarily complex.

It needs to enable DOD to take advantage of the technological

advances and efficient procurement practices of the commercial


DOD01 Rewrite Policy Directives to Include Better Guidance

and Fewer Procedures

DOD should clarify policy directives and procedures to reduce

administrative burden and unnecessary regulatory controls. cbe


DOD02 Establish a Unified Budget for the Department of

Defense Give commanders greater flexibility to set priorities,

solve funding problems, and resolve unplanned requirements at

the lowest appropriate operating level.

cbe cbe

DOD03 Purchase Best Value Common Supplies and Services Allow

managers and commanders to purchase the best value common

supplies and services from public, private, or nonprofit

sources. cbe cbe

DOD04 Outsource Non-core Department of Defense Functions By

contracting out non-core functions (from towing services to

certain information technology functions), DOD will be better

able to focus on its core responsibilities.

cbe cbe

DOD05 Create Incentives for the Department of Defense to

Generate Revenues

This recommendation proposes giving managers and commanders the

ability to generate income at the installation level by allowing

the Corps of Engineers to recover its costs for processing

certain commerical applications and by establishing goals for

solid waste reduction and recycling.

-500.0 60.0

DOD06 Establish and Promote a Productivity-Enhancing Capital

Investment Fund

DOD should be authorized to expand its capital investment fund

manage its operations in a more business-like manner.

-110.3 0.0

DOD07 Create a Healthy and Safe Environment for Department of

Defense Activities

To create a safe environment, DOD must take action in the areas

of clean-up of hazardous wastes, use of environmental

technology, and pollution prevention.

na na

DOD08 Establish a Defense Quality Workplace

This is an internal department recommendation to encourage the

use of quality management concepts at all levels of DOD.

cbe cbe

DOD09 Maximize the Efficiency of DOD Health Care Operations

Use emerging technology to upgrade care at DOD health care


-350.0 0.0

DOD10 Give Department of Defense Installation Commanders More

Authority and Responsibility Over Installation Management

By giving DOD installation commanders more authority over

installation management, DOD will be better able to manage its

resources, provide services to its employees and move toward

more entrepreneurial management.

cbe cbe

DOD11 Reduce National Guard and Reserve Costs

This recommendation makes two changes in the current costs for

reservists: (1) to limit compensation of federal employees on

reserve duty to the greater of civilian or reserve compensation

or to allow the reservist to take annual leave; and (2) to limit

the basic allowance for quarters only to reservists who actually

bring their dependents on short-term duty assignments when

quarters are not provided to dependents.

-900.0 0.0

DOD12 Streamline and Reorganize the U.S. Army Corps of


NPR recommends implementing a 1992 reorganization proposal that

would reduce the number of division offices from 11 to six and

would allow the Corps to work with OMB and other agencies to

make maximum use of Corps' engineering and technical

capabilities. -68.0 0.0


ED01 Redesign Chapter 1 of Elementary and Secondary Education Act

Recommendations focus education funds on the neediest students

and simplify requirements on schools receiving federal education

aid. Existing funds are redirected.

-3,000.0* 0.0

[As a footnote: *The NPR recommends that these savings be

redirected to alternative uses. Savings totals exclude these


ED02 Reduce the Number of Programs the Department of Education


Eliminate or consolidate more than 40 existing education grant

programs and free up funds for use in other educational

programs. -515.0* 0.0

[As a footnote: *The NPR recommends that these savings be

redirected to alternative uses. Savings totals exclude these


ED03 Consolidate the Eisenhower Math and Science Education

Program with Chapter 2

NPR proposes combining this teacher training program, which is

largely consumed with short-term training, with other ED

programs to create a new program with a more coherent national

focus on teacher training and professional development.

na na

ED04 Consolidate National Security Education Act Programs

The NSEA trust fund, administered by the Department of Defense,

should be consolidated with the Center for International

Education in ED to strengthen foreign language study and


duplication of effort.

na na

ED05 Streamline and Improve the Department of Education's Grants


Statutory restrictions on the department's rulemaking process

should be removed, flexibility added to certain procedures, and

unnecessary requirements eliminated to shorten the grant award


cbe cbe

ED06 Provide Incentives for the Department of Education's Debt

Collection Service

This recommendation would allow ED to use a portion of revenues

collected from defaulted student loans to pay for collections

costs, thereby providing an incentive for increased collections.

na na

ED07 Simplify and Strengthen Institutional Eligibility and

Certification for Participation in Federal Student Aid

NPR recommends developing ways of measuring default indicators,

creating profiles of high-risk institutions, and removing
elgibility of institutions to participate in federal financial

aid programs once the schools have become ineligible to receive

federal student loan funds.

-175.0 0.0

ED08 Create a Single Point of Contact for Program and Grant


ED should create an electronic system that can be used by

students, parents, researchers and administrators to learn about

department programs, funding opportunities, best practices and

other information.

1.8 0.0

ED09 Improve Employee Development Opportunities in Department of


ED should create a full spectrum of activities which can

contribute to career development, including conducting a

departmentwide assessment of training and development needs.

na na

ED10 Eliminate the Grantback Statutory Provision of the General

Education Provisions Act

NPR recommends repealing this provision which permits the

department to return to a grantee a percentage of funds

recovered from the grantee as a result of an audit.

0.0* 0.0

[As a footnote: *This recommendation saves an estimated $18.5

million in expenditures but makes no change in budget authority.]

ED11 Build a Professional, Mission-Driven Structure for Research

NPR recommends establishing a research advisory board,

consolidating and targeting research and development efforts,

and establishing an office to translate research findings into

education reform assistance.

na na

ED12 Develop a Strategy for Technical Assistance and Information


ED should develop a strategy for its $290 million technical

assistance efforts designed to promote the National Goals 2000


na na


DOE01 Improve Environmental Contract Management

NPR proposes improvements in DOE environmental clean-up contracts

to achieve efficiency.

cbe cbe

DOE02 Incorporate Land Use Planning in Cleanup

NPR recommends that DOE incorporate land use planning into the

nuclear facilities clean-up process.

cbe cbe

DOE03 Make Field Facility Contracts Outcome-Oriented

This recommendation would modify the current DOE contract process

at field facilities to make the contracts more outcome-oriented

to improve efficiency and contractor performance.

-570.0 0.0

DOE04 Increase Electrical Power Revenues and Study Rates NPR

proposes increasing federal income by allowing the Power

Marketing Administrations to recover a larger portion of their

operating costs through rate increases or by changing the

financing of Bonneville Power Administration.

0.0 3,601.0

DOE05 Strengthen the Federal Energy Management Program NPR

recommends a number of improvements to this program, designed to

better management of federal energy use.

na na

DOE06 Redirect Energy Laboratories to Post-Cold War

Priorities This recommendation provides guidance for use of the

DOE energy labs, focusing on defining new missions,

consolidating or eliminating unneeded facilities, and making

their services of greater benefit in the post-Cold War era.

-2,150.0 0.0

DOE07 Save Costs Through Private Power Cogeneration

This would allow the private sector to cogenerate power at DOE

labs as a means of saving money. DOD has similar authority at

this time.

-112.0 0.0

DOE08 Support the Sale of the Alaska Power Administration The

federal government should divest its interests in the Alaska

Power Administration.

-20.5 -52.5


EPA01 Improve Environmental Protection Through Increased

Flexibility for Local Government

EPA should amend the regulations it determines are most

troublesome for local governments pursuant to the Regulatory

Flexibility Act of 1980. The goal is to provide alternative,

flexible approaches to meeting environmental mandates.

na na

EPA02 Streamline EPA's Permit Program

Streamlining efforts include establishing a permit clearinghouse

to serve as a single point of contact and piloting a

cross-program permit tracking system.

-22.5 0.0

EPA03 Shift EPA's Emphasis Toward Pollution Prevention and

Away from Pollution Control

EPA needs to emphasize pollution prevention by implementing an

effective pollution prevention strategy that includes amending

regulations and motivating the private sector to invest in

cleaner, less polluting technologies and practices.

cbe cbe

EPA04 Promote the Use of Economic and Market-Based Approaches

to Reduce Water Pollution

EPA should work with Congress to propose language amending the

Clean Water Act to explicitly encourage market-based approaches

to reduce water pollution. EPA should also identify wastewater

discharge fees that could be included in the Clean Water Act


cbe cbe

EPA05 Increase Private Sector Partnerships to Accelerate

Development of Innovative Technologies

NPR recommends that EPA develop an action plan with specific

milestones for improving the regulatory and statutory climate

for innovative technologies.

na na

EPA06 Stop the Export of Banned Pesticides

EPA should work with Congress to develop legislation to stop the

exportation of banned pesticides from the U.S. by June 1994. na


EPA07 Establish Measurable Goals, Performance Standards and

Strategic Planning within EPA

EPA should draft measurable environmental goals for the range of

environmental problems the U.S. faces. The agency should also

draft internal goals to provide direction for assessing and

redirecting existing EPA strategies.

na na

EPA08 Reform EPA's Contract Management Process

NPR recommends reforms in EPA's contract management process by

implementing performance standards and by maximizing competition

in the contracting process.

cbe cbe

EPA09 Establish a Blueprint for Environmental Justice Through

EPA's Operations

EPA should develop a blueprint of actions that will incorporate

environmental justice consideration into all aspects of EPA


na na

EPA10 Promote Quality Science for Quality Decisions

Improvements include establishing guidelines for professional

development of EPA's scientific and technical staff and expanding

the use of peer-review and quality assurance procedures.

na na

EPA11 Reorganize EPA's Office of Enforcement

EPA should initiate a reorganization of its headquarter's

enforcement organization by October 1, 1993.

-10.5 0.0


NOTE: White House Office and Office of the Vice President The

White House Office and the Office of the Vice President are

regularly "reinvented" with each change of administration. This

analysis focuses on the other portions of the Executive Office

of the President.

EOP01 Delegate Routine Paperwork Review to the Agencies and

Redeploy OMB' Resources More Effectively

These recommendations outline improvements to streamline the

government's paperwork review process and reduce unnecessary

burdens on agencies.

cbe cbe

EOP02 Modify the OMB Circular System

OMB should reinvigorate the process for the review, updating, and

consolidation of management circulars. It should also develop

uniform processes for developing circulars and for obtaining

input during their development.

na na

EOP03 Strengthen the Office of U.S. Trade Representative's

Coordination with State and Local Governments

The Trade Representative's Office should examine the trade policy

needs of state and local governments and work with them on

relevant issues.

0.5 0.0

EOP04 Improve Federal Advisory Committee Management

Discontinuing the "anti pass the hat" language annually inserted

into appropriations acts would allow appropriate pooling of

executive resources for certain multi-agency projects.

-1.4 0.0

EOP05 Reinvent OMB's Management Mission

NPR recommends a series of actions by OMB to redirect resources

to provide better management information for Presidential

decision making.

0.1 0.0

EOP06 Improve OMB's Relationship with Other Agencies

This recommendation outlines methods by which OMB can work more

effectively with agencies and with states.

na na

EOP07 Strengthen the Office of the U.S. Trade

Representative's Trade Policy Coordination Process

These recommendations outline ways to improve the interagency

trade policy coordination process.

na na

EOP08 Strengthen the Office of the U.S. Trade

Representative's Negotiation Process

The Office of the USTR should implement various techniques for

upgrading the negotiating skills of its employees and the

analysis of the negotiation process itself.

cbe cbe

EOP09 Establish a Customer Service Bureau in the EOP

Using available resources, EOP management should establish a

small, one-stop customer service bureau within the EOP.

na na

EOP10 Conduct Qualitative Self-Reviews of Critical

Administrative Processes

The Assistant to the President for Management and Administration

should establish a formal program of ongoing, internal quality

reviews of administrative processes in the EOP to save money and

improve service.

cbe cbe

EOP11 Improve the Presidential Transition Process

Past difficulties with the Presidential transition should be

corrected by amendment of the Presidential Transition Act and

related actions.

cbe cbe

EOP12 Improve Administrative Processes

This recommendation outlines a series of steps to improve

internal administrative processes within the EOP, including mail

processing, paperwork flow, and supply management.

na na


FEMA01 Shift Emphasis to Preparing for and Responding to

the Consequences of All Disasters

FEMA's early focus was on preparedness for nuclear war. The

current world situation and recent natural disasters highlight

the need for FEMA to continue to shift its resources to respond

to all hazards.

na na

FEMA02 Develop a More Anticipatory and Customer-Driven

Response to Catastrophic Disasters

These recommendations should make FEMA respond faster and more

effectively to catastrophic disasters.
na na

FEMA03 Create Results-Oriented Incentives to Reduce the Costs

of a Disaster

The Midwest floods, Hurricanes Hugo and Andrew and the Loma

Prieta Earthquake all illustrate the enormous costs of disaster

to society. These recommendations will move toward reducing that


cbe cbe

FEMA04 Develop A Skilled Management Team Among Political

Appointees and Career Staff

Leadership has been the weak link in FEMA's mission as the

federal government's emergency management coordinator. These

recommendations strive to improve FEMA leadership to

successfully implement its new, all-hazards mission. cbe = cannot

be estimated (due to data limitations or uncertainties about

implementation time lines).

na na


NOTE: Treatment of Health Care and Welfare Reform Issues by the

NPR Two primary concerns of the Department of Health and

Human Services are the delivery of health and welfare services

to individuals. Since the Administration has special, ongoing

efforts dealing with these areas, they are not covered by the

National Performance Review.

HHS01 Promote Effective, Integrated Service Delivery for

Customers by Increasing Collaborative Efforts

These recommendations outline a number of steps needed to better

integrate and deliver social services to communities and

families. cbe cbe

HHS02 Reengineer the HHS Process for Issuing Regulations HHS

should improve the timeliness and quality of regulations issued

and should involve stakeholders in the development of

regulations. cbe cbe

HHS03 Develop a National, Uniform Inspection System to Ensure

a Safe Food Supply

Responsibility for food safety should be consolidated into a

single agency, and policies and inspection systems should be

implemented on an objective, scientific basis.

cbe cbe

HHS04 Reconfigure Support for Health Professions Education

Existing programs should be consolidated and/or eliminated. na


HHS05 Restructure the Management of Railroad Industry Benefit


Railroad Retirement Board functions should be integrated into

existing programs administered by federal, state, and private

sector service providers.

cbe cbe

HHS06 Improve Social Security Administration Disability

Claims Processing to Better Serve People with Disabilities and

Safeguard Trust Fund Assets

SSA should apply resources and management tools needed to reduce

backlogs and to avoid paying benefits to individuals who are no

longer disabled.

-4,010.0* 0.0

[As a footnote: *Savings will be realized in the Social Security

Trust Funds and will not affect discretionary spending levels.]

HHS07 Protect Social Security, Disability and Medicare Trust

Fund Assets by Removing Barriers to Funding Productive Oversight


HHS should aggressively pursue options to assure that adequate

investments are made to avoid unnecessary payments from trust


na na

HHS08 Coordinate Collection and Dissemination of Social

Security Administration Death Information to Protect Federal

Program Assets

SSA's clearinghouse for death information and "best practices"

can be used by dozens of federal and state agencies to reduce

federal program outlays.

cbe cbe

HHS09 Take More Aggressive Actions to Collect Outstanding

Debts Owed to the Social Security Trust Fund

SSA should be given the authority to use a full range of debt

collection tools available under the Debt Collection Act of 1982

to collect debts owed by individuals who are no longer on

benefit rolls.

-335.0* 0.0

[As a footnote: *Savings will be realized in the Social Security

Trust Funds and will not affect discretionary spending levels.]

HHS10 Institute and Collect User Fees on FDA's Inspection and

Approval Processes

Food, drug and medical device manufacturers, processors and

suppliers should be required to pay for FDA services.

-1,439.8 0.0

HHS11 Redesign SSA Service Delivery and Make Better Use of

Technology to Provide Improved Access and Services to Customers

SSA's organizational structure needs to be updated to reflect

changing customer needs and to take full advantage of emerging


na na

HHS12 Strengthen Departmentwide Management

The department should conduct a review of its organizational

structure and management systems to determine an appropriate

balance between centralized and decentralized functions.

na na

HHS13 Review the Field and Regional Office Structure of the

HHS and Develop a Plan for Shifting Resources to Match Workload


The review should emphasize customer service, results and

increased accountability.

cbe cbe

HHS14 Amend the Health Care Financing Administration's

Contracting Authority to Allow for Competitive Contracting HCFA

should be authorized to fully and openly compete Medicare claims

processing contracts to reduce costs and eliminate

inefficiencies and conflicts of interest.

-985.0 0.0


HUD01 Reinvent Public Housing

HUD should create pilot programs to devolve greater authority

over housing funds to sound local agencies. It should create

demonstrations of mixed-income public housing with portable

subsidies. HUD should also streamline public housing rules and

take other steps to improve public housing management.

cbe cbe

HUD02 Improve Multi-Family Asset Management and Disposition

HUD should use public-private partnerships to manage and sell

HUD-held loans and real estate for non-subsidized housing

projects. Congress should reduce restrictions on HUD sale of

multi-family properties, including use of portable subsidies for

tenants when the Secretary determines that to be best for tenant


na na

HUD03 Improve Single-Family Asset Management and Disposition

HUD should use a combination of early assistance to borrowers

having financial difficulties, contract loan servicing, contract

mortgage assistance programs and public-private partnerships to

streamline and improve management of HUD- assigned single-family


na na

HUD04 Create an Assisted-Housing/Rent Subsidy Demonstration


HUD should be authorized to experiment in negotiated

restructuring of privately owned assisted-housing projects to

improve management, promote mixed-income housing and save

taxpayer funds.

na na

HUD05 Establish a New Housing Production Program

HUD should stimulate housing production through FHA risk-sharing

arrangements with housing finance agencies, stimulate a

secondary market for multi-family properties, improve access to

FHA insurance for first-time home buyers, provide special FHA

programs to revitalize neighborhoods and improve FHA management.

na na

HUD06 Streamline HUD Field Operations

HUD should streamline its Washington, regional and field office

structure and consolidate and reduce its size over time.

-167.0 0.0

HUD07 Refinance Section 235 Mortgages

HUD should use incentive contracts to speed savings from

refinancing expensive old mortgages subsidized by HUD.

-210.0 0.0

HUD08 Reduce Section 8 Contract Rent Payments

HUD should modify its process to reduce unjustified increases in

annual payments to Section 8 projects.

-225.0 0.0

HUD09 Consolidate Section 8 Certificates and Vouchers

This recommendation would consolidate two overlapping projects to

eliminate duplication.

cbe cbe

HUD10 Reduce Operating Subsidies for Vacancies

This recommendation would encourage public housing agencies to

make better use of their assets by reducing subsidies paid for

unjustifiably vacant units.

cbe cbe


INTEL01 Enhance Intelligence Community Integration

The end of the Cold War and the constrained fiscal environment in

the U.S. create an imperative for the 13 components of the

Intelligence Community to act more effectively and more

efficiently as a team.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]

INTEL02 Enhance Community Responsiveness to Customers

A 40-year emphasis on the Soviet Union allowed the Intelligence

Community to develop a repertoire which was not dependent on a

close relationship with its customers. That is no longer the

case today, and NPR makes recommendations for improvements in

this area.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]

INTEL03 Reassess Information Collection to Meet New Analytical


The analytical issues the Intelligence Community faces are far

more diverse and complex today, requiring new focus and new

techniques to meet the intelligence needs of policymakers.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]

INTEL04 Integrate Intelligence Community Information Management


The Intelligence Community lacks the connectivity and

interoperability in its information systems to do its job

efficiently and effectively.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]

INTEL05 Develop Integrated Personnel and Training Systems This

recommendation focuses on organizational development and training

issues within the Intelligence Community.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]

INTEL06 Merge the President's Intelligence Oversight Board with

the President's Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board

The roles of these two oversight bodies are sufficiently similar

that small savings and some efficiencies can be achieved by

combining them.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]

INTEL07 Improve Support to Ground Troops During Combat

Operations Numerous studies of intelligence support during the

Gulf War focused on agency or service-specific support issues.

This issue outlines a reinvention lab effort which proposes an

integrated approach to studying support to ground forces during

combat operations.

* *

[As a footnote: *The Intelligence Community budget is

classified. Savings from these recommendations cannot be shown in

this report.]


DOI01 Establish a Hard Rock Mine Reclamation Fund to Restore

the Environment

To address health and safety threats and environmental damage

caused by toxic metal and chemical leaching from abandoned

mines, the federal government should establish a hard-rock mine

reclamation fund.

cbe cbe

DOI02 Redefine Federal Oversight of Coal Mine Regulation To

overcome organizational problems that inhibit an effective

state-federal relationship, federal oversight of coal mine

regulations should be redefined.

-28.0 0.0

DOI03 Establish a National Spatial Data Infrastructure By

supporting a cross-agency coordinating effort, the federal

government can develop a coherent vision for the national

spatial data infrastructure (NSDI). (Spatial, or geographic,

data refers to information that can be placed on a map.) This

will allow greatly improved information analysis in a wide range

of areas, including the analysis of environmental information and

the monitoring of endangered animals and sensitive land areas.

36.0 0.0

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