Results-Oriented Government: A Training Program for Strategic Planning and Performance

Measurement in the Public Sector, March 1997. This comprehensive public sector training program offers seven distinct modules:
  1. strategic planning;
  2. benchmarking best practices;
  3. performance measurement;
  4. using performance results for project management;
  5. performance-based budgeting;
  6. performance-based contracting; and
  7. creating an environment that supports these activities.

Developed by SGPB and the Southern Consortium of University Public Service Organizations (SCUPSO), the four-volume set of materials includes a guidebook, overview materials, instructors' manuals, handouts, and overheads. Eight computer diskettes allow you to customize and reproduce material to best meet your own training needs.

SCUPSO member institutions in each SGPB state will use the curriculum to train state and local government officials and nonprofit leaders, but the materials will clearly be useful to a variety of users. The full set of materials is available for $750 to SGPB Member state governments, Associate Members, and STC Members; $1,200 to others. For-profit training organizations and other purchasers providing fee-based training should contact SGPB regarding additional licensing fees. A guidebook describing the general principles covered in each module is available; see the next entry.

Results-Oriented Government: A Guide to Strategic Planning and Performance Measurement in the Public Sector, November 1996.

This illustrated booklet describes the general principles covered in the above training program in public sector accountability for state and local public managers. Single copies are available free-of-charge to those within the SGPB and SCUPSO participating states, and for $3, including postage and handling, to all others. The guidebook is also available on-line at

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