The Office of Information and Regulatory Affairs (OIRA) in the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) administers the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA). Below are the OIRA contacts for each federal agency and their counterparts in the agencies. The area code is (202) unless another code is given.

PRA Contact
PRA Contact
AGRICULTUREMargaret Malanoski 395-3122Nancy Sternberg 720-6746Being developed
APHISMargaret Malanoski 395-3122Nancy Sternberg 720-6746
FNSLaura Oliven 395-4718Nancy Sternberg 720-6746
FSISMargaret Malanoski 395-3122Nancy Sternberg 720-6746
FOREST SERVICEDavid Rotsker 395-3897Nancy Sternberg 720-6746
COMMERCEVictoria Wassmer 395-5871Linda Engelmeier 482-3272
CENSUSNancy Kirkenhall 395-7313Madeline Clayton 482-3129Yes
ITAVictoria Wassmer 395-5871Madeline Clayton 482-3129Yes
NOAADavid Rostker 395-3897Linda Engelmeier 482-3272Being developed
PTOMaya Bernstein 395-4816Linda Engelmeier 482-3272Yes
DODEd Springer 395-3562Robert Cushing (703) 604-4582No
EDDanny Werfel 395-6466Patrick Sherrill (202) 708-8196Yes
ENERGYErik Godwin 395-3087Sharon Evland (301) 903-3455Yes
EIAErik Godwin 395-3087Jay Casselberry 426-1116Yes
EPAJim Laity 395-5168Barbara Willis 260-9453Yes
FEMAVictoria Wassmer 395-5871
Alex Hunt 395-7860
Muriel Anderson 646-2625Yes
GSA Ed Springer 395-3562Marjorie Ashby 501-3822No
HHS Alison Eydt 395-4650/
Wendy Taylor 395-4815
Robert Polson 690-6741
ACFAlison Eydt 395-4650/
Wendy Taylor 395-4815
Robert Polson 690-6741Yes
FDAAlison Eydt 395-4650/
Wendy Taylor 395-4815
Robert Polson 690-6741Yes
HCFAAlison Eydt 395-4650/
Wendy Taylor 395-4815
Robert Polson 690-6741Yes
HUDJoe Lackey 395-4741Wayne Eddins 707-0614 x 3594No
INTERIORDavid Rostker 395-3897Carol Smith 452-0367
BLMDavid Rostker 395-3897Carol Smith (202) 452-0367Being developed
NPSDavid Rostker 395-3897Gary Machlis (208) 885-7129Being developed
JUSTICEVictoira Wassmer 395-5871/
Alex Hunt 395-7860
Bob Briggs 514-4319
INSLaura Oliven 395-4718 Bob Briggs 514-4319 Yes
LABORDan Chenok 395-4951Todd Owen 219-5095
OSHADan Chenok 395-4951Todd Owen 219-5095 Yes
NASAPeter Weiss 395-3630Carmela Simonson 358-1223No
OPMJoe Lackey 395-4741Jim Farron (703) 908-8570No
SBAVictoria Wassmer 395-5871/
Alex Hunt 395-7860
Jackie White 205-7044Yes
SSALaura Oliven 395-4718Nicholas Tagiareni (410) 965-4125Yes
STATEVictoria Wassmer 395-5871Charles Cunningham 647-0596No
TRANSPORTATIONEd Clarke 395-7345Phil Leach 366-0770
FAAEd Clarke 395-7345Phil Leach 366-0770No
TREASURYAlex Hunt 395-7860Dale Morgan 622-1529
CUSTOMSAlex Hunt 395-7860Edgar Nichols 927-1426Yes
FMSAlex Hunt 395-7860Jackie Perry (301) 344-8577No
IRSAlex Hunt 395-7860Gary Shear (301) 344-8577Yes
VAAllison Eydt 395-4650Ron Taylor 273-8015
VBAAllison Eydt 395-4650Ron Taylor 273-8015Yes
VHAAllison Eydt 395-4650Ron Taylor 273-8015Yes

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