National Partnership for Reinventing Government


January 30, 1998, Vol. 4, No. 1

An Information Sheet for Federal Communicators, Managers, Workers, and Their Partners--Pass It On

NPR Reinvents Itself:
It's the National Partnership for Reinventing Government

The National Performance Review--the task force on reinventing government--has a new name that more clearly reflects its work, says Morley Winograd, Vice President Gore's recently-named NPR director and senior policy advisor. "The time for 'review' is over. Our new name, 'National Partnership for Reinventing Government' lets our customers know what to expect," he added.

"This name builds on what NPR and federal workers have accomplished in the last four years. These accomplishments include savings of $137 billion and putting in place more than 4,000 customer service standards. We will announce our accomplishments when we celebrate our fifth anniversary in March."

New Teams Will Emphasize Partnerships

"As we look forward to government-wide implementation of the Government Performance and Results Act, we will emphasize partnerships to accomplish our work," Winograd said.

NPR's new vision, "America@OurBest" and mission,"In time for the 21st Century, reinvent government to work better, cost less, and get results that Americans care about" dictated a new team structure:

Hassle-Free Service. Create partnerships with those federal agencies that interact with citizens the most and design innovative new ways for all parts of our government to listen to their customers and deliver hassle free service that amazes and delights them. Leader: Candy Kane.

Safety and Health. Create partnerships with those federal agencies that have the most responsibility for the safety and health of Americans and design innovative new ways for them to work in partnership with both the private sector and other public agencies to create a safer, healthier America. Leader: Jean Logan.

Families and Communities. Create partnerships with federal, state and local law enforcement agencies as well as with those groups and organizations interested in developing stronger and safer communities and families. Leader: Pamela Johnson.

Economy. Develop partnerships with federal agencies to find innovative new ways to make America's economy even stronger and its people even more successful in the new global economy. Leader: Susan Valaskovic.

Technology. Create partnerships with private industry and all levels of government to bring about a technological transformation that benefits all Americans. Leader: Greg Woods.

Government Management. Partner with the Office of Management and Budget and all other agencies to help implement "The Blair House Papers," existing legislation and, where necessary, propose new legislative and administrative solutions, in order to create the most well-managed government in American history. Leader: John Kamensky. "The Blair House Papers" is the little red book of rules developed and tested by federal workers in the first four years of reinventing government. Last year President Clinton and Vice President Gore asked the Cabinet to use these principles in reinventing their agencies.

Communication. Engage Americans in a conversation that transforms their understanding of and appreciation for the work of reinvention, thereby increasing trust in our government; spread our ideas and what we learn about reinvention into every nook and cranny of government and its employees. Leader: Beverly Godwin.

NPR Office of the Future. Provide the operational support necessary for all teams to achieve their mission, including budgets, people, equipment and facilities. Leader: Lisa Mallory.

Team leaders will work as a management team led by Bob Stone to provide the overall leadership necessary for the successful accomplishment of NPR's goals. Stone was NPR Project Director under the Vice President's Senior Policy Advisor and NPR Director, Elaine Kamarck, who left government last summer. He is now Principal Deputy Director and team leaders are Deputy Directors.

"All teams are bound by our vision, values, mission, and strategy in accomplishing their goals," Winograd said. "Each team will use our reinvention tool kit and the Blair House principles in deciding how to focus their time and energy. I am both putting my reputation and success in the team's hands and holding myself accountable for everything NPR does in the future."

NPR Has Openings

The teams have several openings. If you would like to help reinvent government as an NPR staff member for several months, please send your resumes to Joe Colantuoni at fax: 202-632-0390 or e-mail: You may call him on the main number, (202) 632-0150. NPR staff members represent their home agencies on the task force and their agencies pay their salaries.

National Partnership for Reinventing Government, 750-17th St., NW, Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006. The Express is on the Internet at Click on News Room. To subscribe by e-mail, send a message to Put this message: SUBSCRIBE EXPRESS-L FIRSTNAME LASTNAME. For fax, send fax number to or fax to (202) 632-0390.

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