Staff-Level Inter-Agency Groups
OPM GPRA Interest Group Loretta Reeves, OPM, 202-606-2419; fax 202-606-2394; Monthly, usually 2nd Monday, 9 am-Noon, Conf Rm #1350, OPM, 1900 E St., NW 5/12 Operating since 9/94. Roster of 350 in 70 agencies; attendance 100. Next meeting: Performance-Based Organizations with John Kamensky, NPR; Brad Huther, Census Bureau; Steve Randol, DECA; David Sanders, Stl Lawrence Seaway Dev. Corp.
Research & Development Roundtable Mike English, HHS/SAMHSA. Contact: Ann Davis, HHS, 202-690-6197; fax 690-6339; Monthly, usually 2nd or 3rd Tuesday, 9am-Noon, Parklawn Bldg., 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville? Sponsor: HHS. Operating since early 95. Roster of 200 in 42 agencies; attendance 40-50
Natural Resources Performance Measurement Forum Carl Zulick, 202-452-5158; fax 202-452-5171; Monthly, usually 3rd Monday, 10am-Noon, BLM 3rd FL Conf Rm, 1620 L St., NW 5/19 Sponsor: DOI/BLM. Roster of 55 in 17 agencies; attendance 30-40. Next topic: ?
Law Enforcement Working Group Chair: Linda Pagelsen, FBI. Contact: Tom McWeeney, 410-987-1240; fax 410-987-9284; , Monthly, usually at Dept. of Justice TBA Sponsor: FBI. Roster of 35 in 9 agencies; attendance 20-35
Inter-Agency Regulatory Reinvention Forum Chair: Marie Urban, FDA. Contact: Audrey Borja, 301-827-0946; fax 301-827-0963; audrey borj@ohrm-cbt@fdaoc Monthly, usually 10am-Noon at EPA, 401 Main St., SW or FDA, rm 1357, Parklawn Bldg, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville; but next at USDA 5/22 at USDA Sponsors: FDA & EPA; Roster of 80 in 16 agencies; attendance 40-60. Next topic: (1) Aggregation of Performance Measures at Agency-Level; (2) Integrating Reporting Requirements for Regulatory Agencies
GSA Interagency Subcommittee on IT Performance Measurement Pat Plunkett, GSA, 202-501-1123; fax 202-501-2856; To be monthly, but occasional at present TBA Sponsor: GSA. First met 4/96. Roster of 43 in 27 agencies.
Oversight Process Improvement Network (Inspectors General Offices) Offices Richard Rasa, 202-205-9640; fax 205-8238;
To attend call Annette Wallace or Tauhidah Omar, 202-205-8200
Monthly, usually 8:30-10am, rm 4409, Switzer Bldg, DOEd, 330 C St., SW 5/16 Sponsor: Education, IG Office. 12 agencies represented; average attendance 15
Performance Measurement Assessment Tool (PMAT) Coordinating Council Stephen Willett, Commerce, 202-482-5781; fax 202-482-1711; e-mail: Monthly; day varies; Commerce
Department site
TBA Sponsor: Commerce. Roster of 20 procurement specialists in 12 agencies; attendance 15-20. Website:
Inter-Agency Benchmarking & Best Practices Council Lori Byrd, NPR, 202-632-0490 or Willett Bunton, NPR, 202-632-0367; fax 202-632-0390 Annual member meeting at White House Conference Center; annual conference. ? Sponsor: NPR. Roster of 150 from 40 agencies. Steering Committee meets monthly. Teams for Training, Conference, and Home Page meet as needed.
Performance Measurement Benchmarking Forum Willett Bunton, NPR, 202-632-0150; fax 202-632-0390 Weekly meetings (Thursdays) into April aimed at producing a benchmarking study report to be published by NPR Weekly Sponsor: NPR
Small Agency Council Ann Campion, 202-842-6223 Monthly, 10am-Noon at various small agency sites May Council formed before GPRA but has some GPRA discussions and presentations
Federal Credit Policy Working Group Tom Stack, OMB, 202-395-1457; fax 202-395-6889; e-mail: Bi-monthly, 3rd Thursday, 10-11:30 am, White House Conference Center 5/15 Sponsor: OMB. Roster of 24 in 12 agencies; attendance 35. Now working on measures for outcomes
International Affairs Working Group Sally Mullen, ACDA, 202-647-0854; fax 202-647-1407; e-mail: Now forming - ACDA, USAID, USIA, State Department are organizing
Department-Wide Inter-Agency Staff-Level Groups
Treasury Planning Executives Forum John Murphy, Strategic Planning Office, 202-622-2228; fax 202-622-2549; Monthly, 10am-Noon, day varies, usually 740 15th St., NW, Suite 400 June Sponsor: Office of Strategic Planning. Roster of 12 Bureaus and 7 Functional Offices; attendance 30. Next topic: Consultation with Congress
USDA GPRA Coordinators Group Pat Wensel, 202-720-1175; fax 202-690-3561; e-mail: As needed; meets at USDA. TBA Sponsor: CFO's Office. 70 GPRA Coordinators; average attendance 60.
HHS GPRA Roundtable Shirl Ruffin, 202-690-6176; fax 202-690-6337; As needed. HHS Conference Center, Parklawn Building, 5600 Fishers Lane, Rockville, MD TBA Sponsor: Office of Assistant Secretary - Finance. Roster of 175 representing all 13 Operating Divisions; attendance 40-50
DOD GPRA Points-of-Contact Group Sandy Lyons, Office of Performance Measures and Results, Office of Secretary of Defense, 703-614-9162; fax 703-614-2277 Monthly, day varies; Pentagon site TBA Sponsor: OSD. Roster of 50 in 8 agencies; attendance 50
High Level Inter-Department/Agency Groups
President's Management Council Chairperson: John Koskinen, OMB---
National Partnership Council Chairperson: James King, OPM---
President's Council on Integrity and Efficiency Task Force on Performance Jenny Van Wheeler, DHHS/OIG, 202-619-3081---
Chief Financial Officers Council Chairperson: John Koskinen, OMB-- Home page:
CFO Council, GPRA Implementation Committee Chair: Steven App, Treasury. Contact: Rita Townsend, 202-622-0021; fax 202-622-0595; Monthly, 3rd or 4th Friday. Schedule: 5/16, 6/20, 7/18, 8/22, 9/19, 10/17. Meets, Rm. 1104, Treasury, 1500 Pennsylvania Ave., NW). 5/16 Roster of 40 in 15 agencies; attendance 30. Home page:
Chief Information Officers Council----
Budget Officers Advisory Committee--- Sponsor: OMB
Human Resources Development Council John Zottoli, OPM-- Sponsor: OPM

Prepared by Carl J. Metzger, Management Systems International, Inc, 600 Water Street, SW, Washington, DC 20024; phone 202-484-7170; fax 202-488-0754; e-mail:

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