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Appendix C


National Partnership for Reinventing Government


A01: Improve The Public's Access to Government Services
A01.1 Identify a candidate set of government services suitable for electronic self-service May 1997 GITSB
A01.1A Complete an action plan for developing, testing, and deploying these services September 1997 GITSB
A01.1B Conduct pilot projects January 1998 ----
A01.1C Provide electronic services January 2000 ----
A01.2 Incorporate technology that will assure the public of security and privacy in their transactions ---- GITSB
A01.3 Greatly expand the locations where the public can access information technology ---- GITSB
A01.3A Identify locations for public access information systems providing common services May 1997 GITSB
A01.3B Begin services at new locations January 1999 ---
A01.4 Establish truck-based and other service delivery capabilities to serve remote and underserved areas ---- GITSB
A01.4A Establish an interagency working group April 1997 GITSB
A01.4B Develop and test a prototype system December 1997 Working Group
A01.4C Make implementation decision May 1998 Working Group
A01.5 Develop interagency information exchanges to reduce paperwork burden on the public ---- GITSB, CIO Council
A01.5A Identify interagency information exchange pilot projects May 1997 GITSB, CIO Council
A01.5B Complete pilot projects December 1997 ----
A01.5C Complete pilot project evaluations March 1998 ----
A01.6 Coordinate and demonstrate direct access to medical records for agency personnel who make medical determination for disability programs ---- GITSB
A01.6A Establish an interagency Working Group to develop a national policy and guideline ---- GITSB, DHHS
A01.7 Develop partnerships with the private sector to offer related services ---- GITSB
A01.7A Identify partnerships August 1997 GITSB
A01.7B Implement partnerships January 1998 ----
A01.8 Create a plan to modernize BIA schools ---- ----
A01.8A Develop the action plan April 1997 DOI
A01.8B Complete system installation December 1999 DOI
A02: Implement Nationwide, Integrated Electronic Benefits Transfer
A02.1 Encourage EBT development and implementation consistent with the national EBT model for all states ---- GITSB
A02.1A Monitor EBT progress ---- OMB, Agencies
A02.1B Develop action plans for the implementation of EBT systems March 1997 USDA, Treasury
A02.1C Assess and determine obstacles to full EBT implementation March 1997 GSA
A02.2 Conduct requirements analyses and develop EBT specifications for tier two programs for EBT systems integration December 1997 GSA
A02.3 Demonstrate improved service delivery through enhanced card services September 1997 GITSB
A03 Provide All Federal Payments Using Electronic Funds Transfer by 1999
A03.1 Establish focus groups and conduct seminars and workshops with federal agencies July 1997 Treasury
A03.2 Create alternative mechanisms September 1997 Treasury
A04 Bring Environmental Information To The Public
A04.1 Establish a federal interagency Working Group to coordinate the continued development of the National Biological Information Infrastructure April 1997 GITSB, CENR, USGS
A04.2 Implement national-level standards needed to support greater sharing and use of biological information June 1997 ITIS
A04.3 Expand the existing federal standard for describing geospatial data to include elements for describing biological information January 1998 FGDC
A04.4 Initiate a broad effort to develop an "electronic national natural history museum" ---- NBII work group
A04.5 Promote the development and partnerships for the National Environment Data Index (NEDI) ---- DMWG
A04.6 Develop and maintain a National Atlas of the United States January 1999 GITSB, USGS
A05: Build An Electronic Environment, Safety, And Health Assistance Resource For Business
A05.1 Build an electronic environment, safety, and health assistance resource for the Internet ---- ----
A05.1A Establish an interagency Task Force to design an electronic environment, safety, and health assistance resource March 1997 GITSB
A05.1B Implement the electronic environment, safety, and health assistance resource December 1997 GITSB
A06: Establish The Intergovernmental Wireless Public Safety Network
A06.1 Improve the coordination of public safety wireless communications ---- GITSB
A06.1A Issue an Executive Order July 1997 President
A06.2 Provide adequate radio frequency spectrum for public safety agencies ---- GITSB
A06.2A Outline options to balance spectrum needs of public safety agencies with other users September 1997 GITSB, NTIA
A06.2B Develop a plan to implement the PSWAC recommendations December 1997 FLEWUG
A06.3 Support the development of technical standards for public safety wireless communications systems ---- GITSB
A06.3A Define and develop the consolidated federal position on standards for public safety wireless radio systems June 1997 PSWN PMO
A06.4 Include security in all public safety land mobile radio systems ---- GITSB
A06.4A Coordinate design assistance from government systems security experts April 1997 GITSB
A06.5 Establish an alternative funding mechanism for federal, state, and local public safety officials to improve their wireless communications systems ---- GITSB
A06.5A Establish an interagency Working Group to develop alternative funding mechanisms recommendations May 1997 FLEWUG, DOJ, Treasury, DOC
A06.5B Present recommendations to OMB September 1997 FLEWUG
A07: Address The Information Technology Needs Of Our Nation's Criminal Justice Community
A07.1 Define the criminal justice community information requirements ---- DOJ
A07.1A Establish a joint federal, state, and local government advisory group to define the Global Criminal Justice Information Network core requirements May 1997 DOJ
A07.1B Identify obstacles to implementation September 1997 DOJ
A07.2 Test core requirements December 1997 DOJ
A07.3 Establish a joint-government-private sector Global Criminal Justice Information Network Advisory Group June 1997 DOJ
A07.4 Prepare Global Criminal Justice Information Network plans June 1998 DOJ
A08: Provide Simplified Employer Tax Filing And Reporting
A08.1 Simplify filing of employers' quarterly paper returns ---- GITSB, STAWRS ESC
A081A Expand the STAWRS partnerships to five additional states October 1998 STAWRS ESC
A08.2 Simplify the requirements using the Harmonized Wage Code Blueprint as a foundation October 1998 STAWRS ESC
A08.3 Simplify Form W-2 reporting August 1997 IRS, SSA
A08.4 Increase cost effective electronic transmission of Forms W-2 ---- STAWRS ESC
A08.4A Add ten employers to the Electronic Data Interchange pilot project February 1998 STAWRS ESC
A08.5 Provide for single point electronic filing of forms Tax Year 2000 STAWRS ESC, GITSB
A09: Support International Trade With Better Data, Available Faster
A09.1 Use the North American Trade Automation Pilot to validate the International Trade Data System concept September 1997 International Trade Data System Board of Directors
A09.2 Eliminate unnecessary reporting ---- ----
A09.2A Determine federal governmentwide international trade data requirements June 1997 International Trade Data System Board of Directors
A09.3 Develop and execute an implementation plan June 1998 International Trade Data System Board of Directors
A10: Create Electronic Export Assistance Centers
A10.1 Build a Virtual Export Assistance Center ---- ----
A10.1A Establish an interagency team to design and implement the technical architecture for the International Trade Toolkit March 1997 GITSB
A10.2 Develop a tool to increase access to trade finance information and services, as part of the International Trade Toolkit ---- Development Team
A10.3 Establish a test plan and a nationwide rollout schedule for the International Trade Toolkit ---- ----
A10.3A Establish a test plan and rollout schedule April 1997 Development Team
A10.3B Develop and demonstrate a prototype system July 1997 Development Team
A11: Use Electronic Commerce To Streamline Government Business Processes
A11.1 Develop standard trading partner data November 1997 Electronic Processes Initiatives Committee
A11.2 Update the Electronic Commerce action plan November 1997 Electronic Processes Initiatives Committee
A11.3 Continue the momentum in procurement and payments ---- Electronic Processes Initiatives Committee
A11.4 Build a consolidated electronic federal grants application system ---- ----
A11.4A Establish an interagency Working Group to expand the U.S. Electronic Grant Project April 1997 GITSB
A11.4B Make the application module available for testing October 1998 ----
A12: Expand The Intergovernmental Information Enterprise
A12.1 Coordinate intergovernmental efforts to prepare information technology systems to operate in the Year 2000 ---- ----
A12.1A Prepare an intergovernmental action plan ---- CIO Council, IEP, NASIRE
A12.1B Share information on the Year 2000 home page with state and local agencies ---- IEP
A12.1C Make schedules of Year 2000 compliant products available for state and local government use ---- IEP, GSA
A12.2 Establish a strategic plan with specific actions to develop additional intergovernmental information technology opportunities further July 1997 IEP
A12.3 Obtain action plan buy-in from the three levels of government August 1997 IEP
A12.4 Prioritize projects and identify barriers that must be overcome to ensure success October 1997 IEP
A13: Improve the Sharing of Information Technology Experience Worldwide
A13.1 Provide a focal point for intergovernmental information sharing ---- ----
A13.1A Publish an "Intergovernmental Solutions Newsletter" June 1997 GSA
A13.1B Publish an "Intergovernmental IT Directory" October 1997 GSA
A13.1C Plan and conduct U.S./Canada Day events September 1997 GSA
A13.1D Respond to requests for specialized visits or information from foreign governments ---- GSA
A13.2 Support activities of the G7 ---- ----
A13.2A Serve as a catalyst for G7 initiatives that support the G7 Government On Line program ---- GSA
A13.2B Identify and share best practices in the federal, state, and local governments, private industry, and the international community with the G7 nations December 1997 GSA
A14: Guarantee Privacy and Security
A14.1 Create a privacy "champion" within the GITSB Immediately GITSB
A14.2 Complete the privacy work of the IITF May 1997 IITF Information Policy Committee
A14.3Accelerate work on digital signatures and encryption December 1997 Federal PKI Steering Committee, IWG
A15: Integrate The Government Services Information Infrastructure
A15.1 Establish a Government Services Information Infrastructure Coordination Office ---- ----
A15.1A Establish the Coordination Office July 1997 GITSB, CIO Council
A15.1B Define the infrastructure functional requirements November 1997 Task Force
A15.2 Create agreements among agencies to establish an interoperable information infrastructure December 1997 Task Force
A15.3 Implement a comprehensive, distributed directory structure ---- ----
A15.3A Define requirements for a governmentwide directory December 1997 Task Force
A15.3B Implement the governmentwide directory July 1998 Task Force
A15.4 Define "peering points" for the different federal, state, and local infrastructures to interconnect and interoperate December 1997 Task Force
A15.5 Improve coordination of information technology research and development activities with the work of the GITSB March 1997 GITSB, NSTC
A16: Improve Information Technology Acquisition
A16.1 Develop best practices for modular acquisition of standards-based open system technologies July 1997 GITSB
A16.2 Establish a "benchmark once" approach for commercial-off-the-shelf products October 1997 CIO Council
A16.3 Identify and publicize best practices for evaluating vendor past performance April 1997 OFPP
A17: Increase The Productivity of Federal Employees
A17.1 Develop an operational model of a mobile workplace September 1997 GSA, OPM
A17.2 Develop an implementation plan and prototype for an electronic Official Personnel File system ---- ----
A17.2A Develop requirements for an electronic Official Personnel File system June 1998 OPM
A17.2B Conduct a prototype test December 1998 OPM
A17.2C Implement a fully operational electronic Official Personnel File system June 1999 OPM
A17.3 Identify and promote intranet technologies to perform administrative functions ---- GITSB
A18: Enhance Information Technology Learning
A18.1 Ensure a basic level of computer competence for all government employees ---- ----
A18.1A Identify topics and learning objectives for computer-based tutorials July 1997 GITSB
A18.1B Arrange for development of tutorials based on Internet/intranet technology December 1997 GITSB
A18.2 Ensure that agencies have personnel with the ability to design and deploy advanced Internet/intranet applications June 1997 GITSB
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