National Partnership for Reinventing Government


The Vice President's National Partnership for Reinventing Government is leading the effort to deliver hassle free government service across all levels of government.

Why Hassle-Free?

Customer service has been a major driver in our efforts to reinvent government. The most common complaint we've heard from citizens is that it's a hassle to deal with the government.

Our customers have told us that "government is government." When citizens are unhappy with something government is doing ­ or isn't doing ­ they're unhappy with THE government.

What is Hassle-Free Communities about and how does it work?

Hassle-Free Communities is about making a difference where people live, delivering the services the American people want -- where, how and when they want it.

Hassle-Free Communities is about partnerships across all levels of government, and teaming with educational institutions, service organizations, community groups, local businesses and our customers, to deliver the important services that our customers tell us they want. Each Hassle-Free Community partnership focuses on the needs and services that are unique to that community.

Where are Hassle-Free Communities being created?

We currently have projects from Miami to Seattle; Bangor, ME to the San Francisco Bay Area; Minnesota to Houston; and many communities in between.

How do communities get started?

NPR looks for federal employees to lead the initiative in their communities. Our champions are recognized for outstanding customer service, their effectiveness in building partnerships and cooperation to get things done, and their personal commitment and enthusiasm to public service. The champions begin building partnerships with federal agencies and their state, local, regional and tribal counterparts around issues areas, services and customer groups (e.g.: students, seniors, veterans).

More Information?

Go to and click on Hassle Free.

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