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The Advisory Commission on Electronic Commerce (ACEC) was created by Congress to study federal, state, local and international taxation and tariffs on transactions using the Internet and Internet access. The Commission's 19 members included three of our nation's governors, heads of several major information technology corporations and other government and business leaders from across the nation. Virginia Governor James S. Gilmore, III, chaired the Commission.

This Commission was tasked with producing what is arguably the most important policy initiative of the information age. Its Report to Congress on the critical issues of electronic commerce and tax policy will have global implications.

Browse the Commission's electronic library. The library is a listing of the documents the Commission gathered. Many individual documents are available electronically through the library. You can also search the online library by author, title, and subject.

Read The Internet Tax Freedom Act, which created the commission.

See answers to Frequently Asked Questions.

View Commission Members' biographies.

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