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In the U.S. and the U.K.

 June 5, 2004

 A. United States Websites 

1. : 

2. Graduate Fellowships/International Studies:   Comprehensive list of fellowship opportunities 

3. allows you to search for scholarships by field of study and location 

4. Example: gives information about HTR International Internship Program at Colorado Technical College 

5. Study in the USA :  This site allows you to search a United States map for a limited number of universities and colleges . 

6.  Useful Search Engines: Google

Google Advanced Search


B. United Kingdom Websites  

1. The British Council has a website about its activities in Iraq: also information on studying/living in UK. 

2. One of the best sources is:  - it’s a map showing UK universities/colleges, but it has been refined, so you can link directly to the selected institution’s postgraduate website, by selecting on ‘Postgraduate prospectus’ from the menu. 

3.   (part of Hobson’s Publications) – universities/higher education colleges are charged for their entries to the paper version – this means it may not be comprehensive.  The search engine is good and has direct links to course info.  

4. The following is focused on postgraduate studies, but it’s not comprehensive:!eacge;   it has links to the relevant institution’s web pages 

5. The HERO web portal  (  is a useful source - if you search on ‘postgraduate study’ for ‘whole of UK’, you get a list of 125 universities/higher education colleges with a short descriptor of what subject areas they have. It also has info on the results of the last RAE (research assessment exercise). 

6. HEFCE has a list of all UK universities/higher education colleges, with a hypertext link to each of their websites: 

7. UKOSA’s site also has a section for international students, with good general information about studying in UK, visas, immigration, finance etc and it has links to other sites:  


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