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Ministry of Industry & Minerals Presents

State-Owned Enterprise Company Profiles


Al Furat Co.

Al Faris Co.

Al Mishraq Sulfur Co.

Al Nassr Al Adheem (NASCO).

Al Qadisya.

Al Sawari Chemical Co.

Al Sumood Mechanical Ind.

Battery Co.

Car Manufacturing Co.

Cement Cos.

Construction Industries Co.

Cotton Co.

Dairy Products Co.

Drug & Medical Cos

Electrical Industries Co

Fertilizer Cos.

Furniture Co.

General Systems Co

Geo Survey&Mining.

Glass & Ceramics Co.

Hand Woven Carpets.

Indus Design & Construct.

Indus Design & Construct.

Information Systems Co

Iron & Steel Co.

Leather Co.

Mechanical Industries.

Nassr Mechanical Ind.

Nissan 17 April.

Paper Co.

Petrochemical Co.

Phosphate Co.

Ready Made Wear Co.


Spec Institute for Engineering.

Sugar Co.

Textile Industries - Hilla.

Tire & Rubber Cos.

Tobacco Co.

Training & Apprentice Co.

Ur Engineering Co.

Vegetable Oil Co.

Vegetable Oil Co (1)

Wasit Textile Co.

Woolen Industries Co.




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