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Upcoming Business Conferences and Private Sector events Focused on Iraqi Reconstruction

February 11

U.S. Secretary of Commerce hosted an interagency business briefing on Iraq that included remarks from Tom Foley, director of private sector development, Coalition Provisional Authority; Rend al-Rahim, Iraq's representative to the United States, and senior officials from the department of commerce, treasury department, state department, export-import bank, OPIC, and the private sector. Proceedings of this event including web casts of each session are available for world-wide viewing on  Materials also include a useful PowerPoint presentation on “doing business in Iraq” prepared by minister counselor Bob Connan, recently serving in Iraq on business and trade issues. Please share these links with interested clients.

8. The u.s. department of commerce website  provides business information on reconstruction and investment in Iraq and continues to be a valuable resource to the u.s. and global business community. The most frequently visited documents include the business guide for Iraq, frequently asked questions, and the chart of contracts and subcontracts. We urge you to visit this website for up to date business information on Iraq, and to refer clients to this website. Companies may also subscribe via the site to receive periodic Iraq alert email updates provided by the department.

Late February

U.S. Department of Commerce domestic road show: beginning in late February, the department of commerce is undertaking a domestic road show to provide local business communities with an overview of the investment and reconstruction opportunities in Iraq and Afghanistan. The following U.S. cities are included in this tour:

February 24 Cleveland, Ohio
February 25 Kansas city, Mo
March 9 Los Angeles, ca
March 10 San Diego, CA
March 11 San Francisco (bay area), ca
March 18 Boston, MA
March 19 New York, NY
March 24 New Orleans, LA
March 25 Detroit, mi
march 26 Minneapolis, Mn
April 13 Chicago, Il
May 6 Houston, TX
TBD Atlanta, Ga
TBD Seattle, Wa

Late February thru April

U.S. department of commerce foreign road show: beginning in late February thru April, the department of commerce is launching a foreign road show to inform coalition partner countries about business opportunities in Iraq. For more information on the events, please contact the foreign commercial officers at the u.s. embassies in these countries. The cities and countries to be visited include the following:

February 26 Warsaw, Poland
February 27 Prague, Czech Republic
March 1 Budapest, Hungary
March 2 Tirana, Albania
March 4 Bucharest, Romania

The road show also intends to include the Slovak republic, Bulgaria and Ukraine, dates to be determined.

March 17-22

“Iraq Rebuilding Trade Show and Conference” in Amman, Jordan. Contact: Samer Asfour,;  website is “”  This show currently has 150 exhibitors participating from 21 countries, including five
visiting country delegations from the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Tunisia, and the United States.

March 20-22, 2004,

Exicon international exhibitions and conferences will organize the “reach and build iraq exhibition” in conjunction with the iraqi-arab alliance for reconstruction, trade and investment. The event will be held at the gulf international conventions and exhibition centre (gulf hotel) in bahrain. Exicon projects approximately 100 exhibitors and up to 10,000 visitors at the show. Major objectives include covering political, legal, and economic developments in iraq; status of iraqi facilities and infrastructure; reconstuction plans of the cpa; donor country roles; local entrepreneur capacities; iraqi and arab company partnering; the role of arab bodies and institutions; and a review of the goods and services needed in the reconstruction process that are available in arab and foreign countries participating in the conference. For more information: e-mail "" or visit their website at

March 22-24

Amman, jordan, the citizens network for foreign affairs (cnfa) is hosting "iraqi agriculture: strategies for growth and opportunity.” This conference is focused specifically on iraq’s agriculture and will include key iraqi interim government (ministries of agriculture, science and technology, water irrigation, and trade) and international agribusiness leaders. Organizer contact: and website is; contact from the coalition provisional authority is george adair at

April 5-8

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Iraqi-American chamber of commerce and industry is organizing in Baghdad “Destination Baghdad Expo” or “DBX.” This is the first major trade show in iraq following military conflict. "DBX" is an exhibition and conference that will include speakers from the following organizations: coalition provisional authority, u.s. department of commerce, Iraqi ministries, and the private sector. As of February 18, over 200 exhibition booths have been sold for "DBX" with the following major country break downs –U.S.. 13 companies, Iraq 10 companies, Kuwait 18 companies, Korea 32 companies, and other countries. Major sponsors for the event include general electric, Laru, triple canopy, canon, Orascom/Iraqna, eagle global logistics, and others. Security will be provided by GE security and Erinys. More information including registration on "DBX"  can be obtained on the website 

April 10

U.S. commercial service in Saudi Arabia with the council of Saudi chambers is hosting an Iraq reconstruction seminar in Riyadh. For more details, please contact

April 26-29

‘New Fields’ is holding its fourth conference in its “rebuilding Iraq” series in Irbil, Iraq. Irbil is located in northern Iraq, and is accessible over land transport from turkey and Baghdad. Local business leaders will address their economic success and stability over the last decade, and highlight trade and investment opportunities in northern iraq. Additional speakers will include Iraqi governing council members, representatives from the parliament of Iraqi Kurdistan, Iraqi ministries, and the private sector. More information on this conference including registration can be obtained on the website 


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