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Contracts available.  There are several types of contracts available for rebuilding Iraq:


  1. Contracts between the CPA or government organization and the contractor:

·         Prime contracts:  These are large, complex contracts that will be awarded to contractors from the Coalition countries.  The prime contractor must comply with FAR regulations (, is wholly responsible for fulfilling all product and service requirements, and will often solicit bids from sub-contractors.  The prime contractor is responsible for soliciting and awarding sub-contracts for the required products and services.

·         Direct contracts:  These are contracts being offered directly to companies for fulfillment.  Contracts of this type can be found at the CPA solicitations website at


  1. Contracts between the prime contractor and a sub-contractor:  Sub-contractors enter into an agreement with the prime contractor and are responsible to provide a set of products or services.  The prime contractor will issue a request-for-proposal (RFP), receive the bids, and award the sub-contract.  Anyone is eligible to respond and compete for these sub-contracts.


Important websites.

·         FAR regulations can be found at:


·         Contracts and RFPs can be found at the following sites:


Things to keep in mind when applying for contracts.  

  1. Timing is crucial!  All bids must be received by the deadline.  If the deadline is 3:00 pm, and a bid is received at 3:01pm, it will not be considered.  Each RFP often receives dozens of bids from interested contractors.  To ensure fairness, deadlines are strongly enforced.  Submit prior to the deadline to make sure that your bid is considered.


  1. Contracts are awarded on best value.  Contracts are awarded on best-value.  For direct contracts issued through the CPA, do not contact the CPA offices to introduce yourself or set up an interview.  Decisions are made objectively based on your bid.   


  1. Be realistic!  Be realistic about the proposals that you submit. It is rare that a single company has the ability to compete for every bid.  Only apply for contracts for which your company has the capability and experience.  Indiscriminately applying for every contract may put your credibility at risk.  


  1. Contracts must be fulfilled accurately and completely.  Work and products must meet all specifications set forth in the contract including timely delivery to the agreed upon location.


  1. Past performance matters!  Remember that contracts can be awarded on proposals without further discussion.  If you win a contract and then fail to fulfill that contract, it will impact the likelihood of winning future awards.  Past performance is considered in making decisions about future contracts.


  1. If you have specific questions about specific contracts…  If you have a specific question about a specific contract, please contact the point person listed for that contract. General information on applying for contracts can be found on the websites listed above. The information that the CPA or prime contractor requires you to submit to compete for a contract is generally listed under the RFP.

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