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Fast Facts About Rural Texas



133 (52%) of the 254 counties in Texas are rural. Another 44 are considered "micropolitan"

- 47 have no hospital
- 68 have one hospital
- 18 have two or more

- 3 have no hospital
- 31 have one hospital
- 10 have two or more

64 counties in Texas are considered to be frontier (less than 7 people per square mile)

- 24 Frontier counties (37%) have rural hospitals

- 32 Frontier counties in Texas are considered to be border counties (within 100km of an international border)

- 12 border counties (37%) have rural hospitals

Texas has a total of 65 Federally-designated Critical Access Hospitals (less than 25 beds)

Health Professional Shortage (HPSA) and Medically Underserved Areas (MUA)

- 15 counties have never had a primary care physician at any point in time.

- 131 whole-county Primary Care HPSAs and 48 partial county HPSAs

- 176 counties are designated MUAs and 47 are partial-county MUAs

- In rural Texas there are critical shortages in mental health, dental health, and pharmacy professions.

3.2 million Texans (16%) live in rural areas:

- 30% of Texans age 65 and older live in rural Texas

- 20% of rural Texans are covered by Medicaid

- 25% of rural Texans have no health insurance

Texas Hospitals: 523 hospitals in Texas

185 rural and community hospitals:

114 hospitals are 50 Beds and under

- 35% of the hospitals in Texas are rural.

- 75% of rural hospitals in Texas are governmental facilities (hospital districts, authorities, city or county) locally governed and tax supported.

- 57% of the rural hospitals in Texas are Critical Access Hospitals

- 70% of inpatients in rural hospitals (on average) are Medicare, Medicaid, or uninsured:

- 55% are on Medicare

Texas Rural Health Clinics

- Total: (2005) 333
Provider Based: 179
Free Standing: 129

- Total: (2002) 355
Provider Based: 206
Free Standing: 154

- Total: (1999) 444

- BBA: (1998) 565


Submitted by:
Ernest R. Parisi, Administrator and Chief Executive Officer, East Texas Medical Center, Quitman


Information compiled from:

TORCH (Texas Organization of Rural & Community Hospitals)
THA (Texas Hospital Assoc.)
TARHC (Texas Assoc. of Rural Health Clinics)
ORHCA (Office of Rural Health Clinics Assoc.)